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The Plight Of Afghan Refugees: Who Is Leaving, Where Are They Going & How Can We Support Them?

An Afghan girl attends a female engagement meeting in Afghanistan’s Balish Kalay Village in the Urgun District on March 27, 2011.
Courtesy Photo/U.S. Department of Defense
An Afghan girl attends a female engagement meeting in Afghanistan’s Balish Kalay Village in the Urgun District on March 27, 2011.

On this edition of Your Call, we're speaking with Afghans in the US about the plilght of Afghan refugees. Since the Taliban took control last week, at least 28,000 Afghans have been evacuated.

Thousands more say they have no choice but to flee for their safety. What about those who can't leave and those who refuse to leave? We'll find out how to help families fleeing Afghanistan, where they are going and what the settlement experience has been like.


Humaira Ghilzai, founder of Afghan Friends Network, a grassroots organization working to improve the lives of women and children in Afghanistan

Halima Kazem-Stojanovic, investigative journalist and journalism lecturer at San José State University, where she is the Journalism Coordinator for the SJSU Human Rights Institute

Ahmad Qais Munhazim, Assistant Professor of Global Studies at Thomas Jefferson University whose research focuses on how political violence and displacement intercede in the lives of LGBTQ Muslims

Web Resources:

The Guardian: Afghanistan refugees: how many are being evacuated and where will they go?

Time Magazine, Zahra Nader and Amie Ferris-Rotman: What Afghanistan's women stand to lose

Financial Times, Fawzia Koofi: US withdrawal from Afghanistan endangers my country and the world

The New York Times, Thomas Fuller: An Afghan Journey From Kabul to the Bay Area

FRONTLINE: What a Taliban co-founder told FRONTLINE in 2020

How to help Afghan refugees:

The San Francisco Chronicle, Jessica Flores: How to help families fleeing Afghanistan for the Bay Area

Donate to UC Berkeley’s Afghanistan Emergency Response fund

Volunteer with Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay

Directly support Afghan refugees resettling in Northern California by donating to the Soft Landing Fund at The International Rescue Committee in Northern California

Donate to Women for Women International

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