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Cannabis News Roundup: 01.08.15

Used under license through Creative Commons
Poster (cropped) from the 1800s: Cannabis sativa

Plans for a California cannabis credit union...  Parker throws cash at legalization… “Nuns” threatened for growing… Cities statewide enact restrictions on cannabis… Health, Opinion, and more.


Fiona Ma’s plan for a cannabis credit union // The Hash   If the federal government won’t do it, then California needs to step forward with its own banking plan to improve tax collection in the cannabis industry, says this new member of the California Board of Equalization.

Parker puts his money where his mouth is // Sacramento Bee    Tech tycoon Sean Parker’s name has been connected with California’s 2016 legalization drive for recreational cannabis, but it’s been all talk – until now. Parker has tossed half million dollars into the effort this week.

ReformCA calls for support to oppose Parker-backed measure // The Daily Chronic  So much for a united effort. ReformCA “is asking for supporters of an alternative path to cannabis legitimacy.” This, in spite of the group losing many board members to Parker’s cause (see previous story).

Non-denominational nuns in danger of losing business // ABC30.com  The Sisters of the Valley in Merced produce CBD salves and other tonics. Their operation could be forced to close under a proposed Merced City Council ban on all marijuana cultivation.

Humboldt County considers limited cannabis ordinance // Lost Coast Post  “With the statewide Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) now in effect, the board is facing constraints in at least two directions.”

Petaluma approves limited outdoor growing rules // Petaluma360  “Card-carrying medical marijuana users and caregivers in Petaluma will be allowed to grow three mature marijuana plants outdoors for their own use, part of a broader city ordinance to balance limited cultivation with the neighborhood impact of large backyard operations.”

Alameda just says no to commercial cultivation // CoCoTimes  “Medical marijuana dispensaries have been prohibited within the city for more than a decade, and now so too is the commercial cultivation of the plant.”

Burbank considering total cannabis ban //  L.A. Times   “The proposed regulations would bar medical marijuana delivery services and dispensaries from operating inside city limits.”

Oregon sales tax now in effect // KLCC Radio  The state doesn’t have a general sales tax, but the Legislature “decided to make an exception for pot.”

Indoor vaping banned in Oregon // KLCC Radio    The new law includes “lounges specifically designed for E-Cigarette use.”


Justice Dept. closes asset forfeiture operations // Leafly   “Under the ‘equitable sharing’ program, a big chunk of what federal prosecutors seize can be funneled to local law enforcement agencies. That practice is over — at least for now.”

High school drug stings end in Riverside County // Press Enterprise  “From 2010 to 2013, the department placed undercover deputies at multiple high schools in the county. Posing as students, the deputies attempted to buy drugs to set the stage for mass arrests of teenagers, presumably for their own good, or something like that.”


No patent protections for branded products // Associated Press  Snoop and Willie may have their names on pot products, but “those weed brands aren't much more substantial than the labels they're printed on. Patents and trademarks are largely regulated by the federal government, which considers marijuana an illegal drug and therefore ineligible for any sort of legal protection.”


“The Dr. OZ Show” had a segment January 7 about children using marijuana extracts for illnesses. I haven’t found a link, but it shows the continuing movement of cannabis into the mainstream.


Concert to benefit Cal Heritage & CA Cannabis Industry Assn. // Calheritage.com   Barry “The Fish” Melton joins The Sons of Champlin in Sacramento on January 19 to close out a day of round table discussions.


Delivery services are more dangerous than store front dispensaries // Press Telegram  “By forcing operators to deliver a controlled substance, in exchange for cash, [a Long Beach Council member] has created perfect conditions for armed robberies.”

What 2016 holds for cannabis legislation // SF Weekly  Chris Roberts peers into the near future.


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