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Mortifying teenage moments live onstage

Many, many people have decided to share their own most personal moments of teenagehood, publicly. In the show, Mortified, KALW’s Chris Hambrick does just that – but not under her own name.

"Spice-C. With the C, like the C is hyphen C. The letter C. Because every good rapper has a rapper name," Hambrick says.

When Spice-C, also known as Chris Hambrick, was growing up in Detroit, she used to keep a journal. So when she decided she wanted to get mortified, she went back home to see what she could find.

"When I went to my mom’s house, and I went to find my diaries, I found that I didn’t really have continuous entries," she said..  "What I did find among that stuff was these raps. I was just going onto high school, I was a freshman. I was an aspiring battle rapper. It was hard. And anybody who knows me knows I’m nicety nice. But these were full of bravado."

Clearly she found enough material in those embarrassing high school diaries; Chris has been on the Mortified stage four times now.

You can cringe for yourself at the next Mortified show later this month – it’s at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on Friday the 14th; and at The New Parish in Oakland on Saturday the 15th. You can also check out the Mortified podcast.

Here our piece at kalw.org.