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Cannabis News Roundup: 04.17.15

The unofficial marijuana holiday takes place April 20 (4.20) at 4:20pm.

DEA head in hot water over sex parties… Marijuana still a Schedule 1 drug… Are eastern Europeans backing dispensaries?... Happy 4/20! … and more.


Judge denies reclassification of marijuana // SFGate.com   U.S. District judge says she was inclined to remove the Schedule 1 classification (the most dangerous) but says that decision belongs to Congress.


Ukrainian drug bosses behind dispensaries? // SFWeekly.com  “The California Medical Board has taken the unprecedented step of declaring that 420 MD is a front for an international criminal organization with roots in Eastern Europe.”

Oregon’s MBank closing all cannabis accounts //  MMJbusinessdaily.com  “The cost and time spent on compliance is too much.”  A negative ripple is feared as other banks contend with federal, state and local regulations.

Pot shops hope to shine on 4/20 //  SFChronicle.com  Some plan events at Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park, others will help with trash cleanup.


UCSF researcher warns of secondhand pot smoke // Tobacco.ucsf.edu   “As California anticipates the potential legalization of recreational marijuana, it is important to recognize the possible negative impacts of widespread use on public health and safety so that effective regulatory policies can be written.”

THC testing improving // DenverPost.com  Tests last year were “embarrassing,” and it remains an inexact science.


HempCon comes to San Francisco // Hempcom.com  The Cow Palace has hosted rock concerts, political conventions and rodeos. This weekend it’s home to over 200 cannabis related exhibitors.

ReformCA planning meeting in Santa Cruz // reformca.com  Group working on a 2016 cannabis legalization initiative wants input from “Californians from across the state -- especially patients, cooperatives, and other individuals who have been engaged in cannabis commerce in our great state.” Click on the headline for details.

“420 Gathering of the Tribes” at Slim’s in San Francisco //  Slimspresents.com  Get an early start on 4/20 commemoration with Moonalice’s annual event on Sunday, the 19th. This year’s theme: Psychedelic Spring!  Here’s a link to the band’s single, “Its 4:20 Somewhere.”

Hints for a successful 4/20 // SFEvergreen.com  Join the crowds at Golden Gate Park (and please clean up your mess, if you don’t want this to be the last party there), or try another location, listed here.


It doesn’t make sense to keep dispensaries illegal: Press - Enterprise  // www.pe.com   “The reality is that many Californians enjoy using marijuana and claim both legitimate and illegitimate medical needs in order to get their hands on it if they can’t, or won’t, turn to the illicit market.”


White House “concerned” over DEA allegations //  WashingtonTimes.com   It’s effectively “no comment” concerning President Obama’s confidence in the head of the DEA, following reports of agents in sex parties.

The origin story of “420” //  BBC.com  No, it’s not police code. Yes, it did start at San Rafael High School.


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