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Cannabis News Roundup: 12.05.14


Mendo and Sonoma see harvest crime wave… THC breath tests… Cannabis ice cream... How to legalize cannabis… and more


Cannabis regulation on next year’s Assembly calendar// EastBayExpress.com     The listings on the California Assembly calendar are primarily placeholders, to assure discussion.

Uruguay elects new president// TheGuardian. Com    Unpopular marijuana laws may be altered, but not likely to be repealed.


“Trail of violence” hits Mendo & Sonoma at harvest // PressDemocrat.com   “The cases stand out against the overall decrease in crime nationwide over the past decade,” and occur around the fall harvest of area cannabis crops.

No dispensary in town? No problem! // www.desertsun.com  Rancho Mirage doesn’t allow marijuana dispensaries in town, but it does provide a $25 monthly stipend to go to places that have them.

THC breath test possible // SeattleTimes.com   “Existing technologies — including those already used by airport security and customs agents to detect drugs and explosives — can be re-purposed to test breath for THC,” says Washington State University professor.


The precision of Bay Area’s Cannabis Creamery //RichmondConfidential.org     “Precise, consistent dosage is important,” says founder. The Grateful Dead once asked his father to make a batch of pot ice cream for a party.

Bay Area Girl Scout makes Top Ten List// Time.com    Girl who set up a table outside of a cannabis dispensary to sell Thin Mints and other munchies made this national magazine’s “Top 10 High Times for Pot” list. See the other nine here.

Nestdrop joins Bay Area home delivery services// sfweekly.com   They’ve been delivering alcohol in L.A. since the summer. They can still do that, but can’t deliver alcohol and marijuana in the same order.

“Trimmigrants” flock to Humboldt for harvest// NPR.org  Many are disappointed to find that work is scarce.  [Reporter Olivia Cueva is part of the KALW Audio Academy. -Ed.]

Applications to grow hemp in Kentucky// TheWeedBlog.com   These are pilot programs. The state says “When the day comes that commercial hemp production is open to all producers and processors in Kentucky, we want to be ready.”

Mexican cartels hurt by legal US marijuana // NPR.org   Prices for the Mexican product has dropped by half in the last few years.

Is US pot going to Mexico or not? // news.vice.com   The previous story says US marijuana is now being smuggled into Mexico. If so, this is surprising news to various enforcement agencies. The original source now says he knows of “one single example.”

Want in on the ground floor of “Cannabizness”? // Kickstarter.com   Producer is using Kickstarter to fund “one of the first cannabis documentaries taking a deep dive into the dramatic business and investment side of the Legal Cannabis Industry.”


The cannabis effect, head to toe // Labdoor.com   This article outlines the effects of cannabis – good and bad – on various parts of the body.


Here’s how to get cannabis legalized// EastBayExpress.com    New policy brief says success lies with convincing “women ages 30 to 55.”


Edibles education billboards urge responsibility // Westword.com   The message is basically: Trix may be for kids, but “adult snacks” are not.


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