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Bay Poets

'Stick-Up' by poet Carlos quinteros iii

Carlos Quinteros III is a poet with an occasional stutter, stumbling through language, living in San Francisco/the ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone People. He is the managing editor and one of the poetry editors for The Ana, a literary magazine based in the Bay area.


There’s a robbery in progress



of their pockets.


This stick-up has lasted

over four hundred years,

from carnivorous conquistadors

to championed soldiers,

to exonerated explorers,

to Hollywood confederate cowboys,

to malicious media

to perverted police

to pious professors

to piranha presidents

to predatory priests

to sadistic slave masters

to sanctified senators

to zombified civilians

The list of assailants

goes on, and on and on and on, and

this vicious cycle

—full throttle


indigenous genocide

disappearing in the rearview mirror,

blood-hungry executives

power drunk—driving

with a country in the backseat—

no seatbelt, no concern,

while the rest of the imperialized countries

are tied up in the trunk.

there’s screaming,

there’s laughing









America has a death wish

running through

the tire spikes of its own law

bullet fast 

shooting through a nation.

This is Mad Max


Fuck Mel Gibson.