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Support Your Local Sex Worker

Apr 15, 2014

International Union of Sex Workers

As the St. James Infirmary campaign says, "Someone you know is a sex worker."

Escorts, street and survival sex workers, personal companions, adult film actors, porn models, nude models, body work providers, exotic dancers, phone sex operators, and sexological surrogates are all sex workers.

For some people, those jobs might be part survival or a career path -- one that is often fraught with stigmatization, criminalization, and the fight for primary health care and social services.

Host David Onek and studio guests Stephany Ashley, Emma Claire, and Conner Habib  address these issues and more, including:

  • Who’s ensuring ethical labor practices on the porn set, and what are some of them?
  • How are individuals in the sex trades and gender nonconforming people targeted by “the possession of condoms as evidence” practice?
  • Is business booming in the Bay Area, where a sizable tech population is flush with cash?
  • Are the “new” wars against porn and sex work old hat?
  • And what’s PayPal got to do with it?

Producer: Lisa Denenmark

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