Sights and Sounds: Ruby Mountain | KALW

Sights and Sounds: Ruby Mountain

Feb 18, 2021

Sights and Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene through the eyes and ears of local artists. During the pandemic, we're offering suggestions for ways to experience art and culture from home. On this episode, host Jenee Darden speaks with Oakland vocalist and producer Ruby Mountain. Her new EP is "Waves."


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Every week Bay Area videographer LaCapture posts a variety of videos on topics such as quarantine life, family and lifestyle on her YouTube channel. She gives viewers a behind- the-scenes look at video production and movie magic in her Two Minute Tuesday series.

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The pandemic has caused many of us to pause and reevaluate what we want to do with our lives. Check out "The Bliss Seekers Podcast" which is all about finding and living your true purpose. Hosts Issac Estrada and Jho converse with entrepreneurs, artists and activists. Watch on Youtube or listen on your favorite podcast platform.

Smartbomb Oakland
Smartbomb is an art and performance platform that showcases DJs, filmmakers, musicians and other artists from around the Bay Area. The website and YouTube channel feature conceptual short films, house shows and music.

Ruby Mountain is hosting the wellness-meditation event "Femmifest: Full Moon Happening" on Saturday, February 27th at 7pm.