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Black Girl Dangerous: a conversation with Mia McKenzie

Mia McKenzie

Earlier this month, a police officer in South Carolina was arrested for murder, after a video of him shooting an unarmed black man at a traffic stop was released. This arrest follows a year of high profile police shootings of black men, shootings that led to protests and discussions about race in Oakland --- like Black Brunch and the Black Lives Matter campaign. But in many ways, we are just joining a conversation that’s been going on for a while. Oakland's Mia McKenzie has been writing about black, brown and queer identity in her blog Black Girl Dangerous since 2011. She says the popular blog started out of anguish, but has gone on to give voice to queer and trans people of color. McKenzie stopped by our studios to talk about her work with KALW's Todd Whitney.

McKenzie: It's nice to get together with people who share some of your identity, and talk really seriously and radically about change and about how to fight oppression.

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Todd is a radio producer from Chicagoland. Before arriving at KALW in 2013 he produced works for NPR's Tell Me More. He currently roams the Bay Area searching for stories and super sonics.