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Bay Area swelters amid recent heatwave

SF Sunset
David Yu
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San Francisco sunset

Yesterday, KMUX- The National Weather Service’s Bay Area radar in Mount Umunhum – experienced malfunctions from overheating, leading technicians to shut it down due to an air conditioning issue.

Brooke Bingaman, a meteorologist at KMUX, had this to say.

“When we have events, whether it's heat events or drought or flooding, we're finding that we are having more extreme events and they're happening with more frequency than they did in the past.”

Bingaman adds that radar malfunctions are common, but the increase in extreme temperatures isn’t.

Peaking at more than 115 degrees, these temperatures were recorded after our planet hit its hottest global temperature ever recorded last week.

The Weather Service isn’t the only sector getting affected, even public transportation had trouble navigating last weekend’s heat.

When temperatures pass a 100 degrees, BART can go from its average 70 mph speed down to under 50 mph.

Due to last weekend’s excessive heat warning, our public transportation system has been experiencing up to 10 minute delays anytime before 6PM this past week.

However, at the time of this report, both the weather service and BART are now back to their normal functions.

Hamza is an Egyptian international student at UC Berkeley, and the News Director of Cal's radio station— KALX (90.7FM). Outside of work, you’ll find him reading up on Middle Eastern politics, or spending too much time watching soccer.