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Philosophy Talk: What Is Masculinity?

Ideals of manhood differ across times and cultures—why think there’s any one thing it means to be a man?

Strong, in control, and stoic—these are traits of the ideal masculine man. Men who fail to conform to this ideal are often penalized, particularly if they are men of color, queer men, working-class men, or men with disabilities. So how do we create different visions of masculinity that make room for all kinds of men? Should we abandon the idea of masculinity altogether, or would that be throwing out the baby with the bathwater? What kind of ideals of masculinity will bring us closer to gender justice in the 21st century? The Philosophers man their mics with Robin Dembroff from Yale University, author of Real Men on Top: The Metaphysics of Patriarchy (in progress). Sunday 3/21 at 11 am.