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The Scott Peterson murder case, George Floyd, and why we say Black Lives Matter

Just how are this 20 year old murder case, the death of George Floyd connected?  The interaction of bias -- conscious and unconscious -- the media, the mega trial, and our evolving perception of justice.  Joining YLR host Jeff Hayden, tonight, are Peter Shaplen, assigned by the networks as the pool coordinator at the Scott Peterson trial, and others, Frank Swertlow, an award winning reporter who broke a two part series on cocaine in Hollywood that reached 100 million readers, and co-wrote "We The Jury," an examination of the Peterson murder trial ahd how an unlikely group of strangers decided the fate of a womanizing manure salesman in a trial of the century, San Mateo attorney Kevin Allen, former director of the San Francisco Police Commission and Emmy-nominated legal and political commentator, and practicing attorney, Dean Johnson.

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