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Cannabis News Roundup: Nutella + canna oil?

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Supreme Court tosses marijuana case … Canada ruffles U.N. narcotics conference … “Massive recall” of pot over pesticides … Vets risk felonies … Sports, opinion, and infused Nutella ….


Canada shakes up the U.N. narcotics conference // National Post

“The Liberal government used its first foray into the global anti-narcotics arena this week to signal a clear shift away from the war-on-drugs philosophy, promising more safe-injection sites, promoting 'harm reduction' and touting its plan to legalize marijuana.”

Hawaii names health department panel to select marijuana business licenses // MJBizdaily

“Hawaii received 66 applications for business licenses from 59 companies. Final decisions on the business permits are expected April 15, and license winners can open July 15.”

Pennsylvania moves toward legal medical cannabis //Syracuse.com

“The House voted 149-43 for legislation that would set standards for growers, dispensaries and physicians. Patients could take the drug in pill, oil or liquid form, but would not be able to obtain marijuana they could smoke.”


Supreme Court tosses marijuana case // Marijuana.com

“The lawsuit, which Nebraska and Oklahoma filed in late 2014, compared marijuana coming over their borders from Colorado to pollution. They said that as a result, their law enforcement agencies, courts and jails are being unduly overburdened.” The Obama Administration urged the Court to dismiss the case late last year, before the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.


Voter-approved industrial cultivation reviving Desert Hot Springs // Sacramento Bee

“Desert Hot Springs is home to a pot real estate bonanza, with well-heeled outsiders snapping up land and buildings to develop massive, city-sanctioned grow facilities, capable of producing thousands of pounds of marijuana in multiple yields a year.”


“Massive recall” of marijuana because of pesticides // Denver Post

Colorado “[r]egulators said the recall is the result of an investigation by the state Department of Agriculture, which confirmed the presence of imidacloprid, one of the most widely used insecticides in the world but not approved for use on marijuana.”

Study: Significant decrease in opioid use with medical marijuana // NORML.com

“Respondents often substituted cannabis for opiates and that many rated marijuana to be more effective,” according to a study published in The Journal of Pain.

Vets risk being felons with use of cannabis for PTSD // SFGate

“While the research has been contradictory and limited, some former members of the military say pot helps them manage their anxiety, insomnia and nightmares. Prescription drugs such as Klonopin and Zoloft weren’t effective or left them feeling like zombies, some say.”


“420 Games” comes to Santa Monica Pier Saturday // 420games.org

“You can walk, jog, skate, or ride the 4.20 miles” of this event, which is designed to show that not all cannabis consumers are couch potatoes. Quizzically, there’s a two-hour beer tasting afterwards.

Greenrush job fair next Wednesday // Jointhegreenrush.com

“Thousands of job applicants” will meet “dozens of industry leaders” at this job fair in San Francisco.


Lt. Gov. Newsom calls for smarter approach to marijuana // Modesto Bee

“By establishing a legal, taxed and tightly regulated system, we can offer new protections for our kids, our communities and our environment, while adopting a best-practices framework for responsible adult marijuana use and its impacts.”


Nutella + cannabis: Is this really a good idea? // Metro.co.uk

If this causes the munchies, what do you eat to satisfy them?


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