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Connecting the Dots: Afternoon Edition for Monday, May 21, 2012


(SF Gate) // Solar eclipse blinds driver. Check out that solar eclipse yesterday? It was blindingly beautiful. In fact, a driver in South San Francisco was, she said, “temporarily blinded” when she ran into a mother and daughter crossing the street during the eclipse. In her defense, Grand Avenue has signs warning drivers of glares – even when there aren't any eclipses happening...

(SF Gate) //  Safeway's controversial suspension of meat clerk. Safeway supermarket also needs an alibi to explain why they fired a meat clerk in the Monterey County Store who struck a man when he saw him kicking his pregnant girlfriend. Safeway says he was suspended, not for this action, but for “other unspecific actions”...

(The Bay Citizen) // Muni redefines what it means to be on time. One minute is not necessarily one minute long, according to San Francisco transit officials. The Bay Citizen discovered, that, in the Muni Time Zone, Muni can be 119 seconds – or 1 minute, 59 seconds – early and still consider itself “on time.” Improving Muni might be a problem if Muni's definition of success is this confusing...

(Inside Bay Area) // Facebook stock falls. Facebook stock fell as much as 13% since the company's record-breaking initial public offering last week. Today is the second day of public trading. Good luck, world's most popular social network...

(SF Gate) // Marijuana floating out at sea. Can't find your 7,000-pound stash of weed? Maybe your goods – estimated to be worth $3 million – are floating in the ocean off of Southern California. Someone's pot is, anyway.

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