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'What Is' by poet Royal Kent

Poet Royal Kent reads his poem "What Is."

What Is

What is the construction of the great pyramid but the setting of a million suns

In the branches of the tree of life six circles tangent to a central seventh

A trinary surmounting a quartenary John Coltrane blowing A Love Supreme

What is the solitary being resting at the base of the great pyramid known as Sphinx but he who is guarding the pathways to the heart

Nancy Wilson singing Guess Who I Saw Today

What are the so-called Nazca Lines of the mountains of Peru could they be the

Footprints of prehistoric birds resting here before migrating to distant galaxies

Dexter Gordon taking us One Flight Up

What is the phenomena we call UFO but a reminder of those that came before

In life everlasting chiming in as any guardian would on the fragile newcomer

The adolescent race of beings mistakenly known as man

Charles Lloyd intoning Forest Flower affording us the sunrise and the sunset