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Special: Letters From The Outside, Almost One Year Into The Pandemic

9 hours ago

The COVID-19 outbreak in prisons across California is still taking an incredible toll — not only on the people inside but on the families and friends of incarcerated people.

And because of the pandemic, our producers on the inside can’t access their recording equipment. So today, you’ll hear from the friends and family outside of prison, reading letters to their loved ones stuck on the inside.

"Each day that passes one day down and one day closer ... it's been 311 days since I last physically saw you. 311 days since I woke up early, did my hair, and got dressed to the nines. 311 days since I last made you lunch at the microwave, prayed with you, embraced your kisses, and of course, beat you at all those card games."

Thank you to everyone who read their letters: Edmond Richardson, Adamu Chan, Beka Tuitasi, Tanya Crooks, Juanita Roina, Yvette Yarger,Tina Marie Del Rosario, Neiva Magaña, Daniel Disano, Darcy Jackson, Michelle Marrero, and Christina Calderon Bowker.

This episode was produced by Adamu Chan, Ninna Gaensler-Debs, Angela Johnston, Pat Mesiti-Miller, and Eli Wirtschafter. Our theme music is by David Jassy.

Special thanks to Uncuffed producer Joe Kirk for hosting the episode.

KALW’s radio training program in California prisons is supported by the California Arts Council, with funding from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. This episode was not reviewed by CDCR.