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Coping With a New Handicap: A pianist (Marty Nemko) loses the use of three fingers.

All of us have some sort of handicap, even if it's not officially recognized. Maybe we're emotionally tone-deaf,  maybe we just can't ever seem to motivate ourselves. One of Marty Nemko's handicaps is a recently acquired one: He developed a hand condition which renders three of his fingers pretty-much useless.

Marty was a pianist and when he developed that condition, he decided, before depression and self-pity took hold, to take on the challenge of learning how to play the piano with just seven fingers.

On the Nov. 25, 2012  edition of Work with Marty Nemko, he played four pieces, live, in an attempt to inspire all people with handicaps to take on the challenge of coping with it before said depression sets in. In between, he took calls from listeners who successfully coped with handicaps as well as those who needed help. For those, Marty did Three- (and in a couple cases, Ten-) Minute Workovers.

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