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Prison Radio International

RøverRadion/Joacim Myhre
The Uncuffed team joined prison radio makers from around the world this summer at the first Prison Radio International Conference, in Oslo, Norway.

Last summer, the Uncuffed team was invited to the world’s first International Prison Radio Conference in Oslo, Norway.

Formerly incarcerated producers and staff hopped on a plane (some for the first time in their lives), and joined other prison radio makers from over 20 countries like Australia, India, and UK.

On this special episode of Uncuffed, we're sharing a few of our favorite pieces from around the globe.

"I had to learn to stand on my own two feet. And learning to stand on your own two feet brings healing, brings growth, brings maturity. It brings a lot of things."
Amber Pierce, on Inside Wire, from Colorado Prison Radio

Hear more from the shows featured in this episode:
The Secret Life of Prisons, from the UK's Prison Radio Association
Jailbreak, from the Community Restorative Centre inAustralia
Ear Hustle, from PRX's Radiotopia in the US
Inside Wire, from Colorado Prison Radio
Tinka Tinka Foundation in India

Learn about all the programs that make up Prison Radio International.

Uncuffed is supported by the California Arts Council and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Thank you so much to all our supporters who helped us travel to the Prison Radio International conference in Norway!

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Stories from inside California prisons
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