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Nate's Going Home

Nate McKinney records with fellow producers at San Quentin
San Quentin Media Center
Nate McKinney records with fellow producers at San Quentin

After over 20 years of incarceration, Uncuffed producer Nate McKinney is going home. Like other lifers in the system, he could have been incarcerated for life. But recently, the Board of Parole Hearings found him suitable to re-enter society. In today's episode, stories of facing the board — and wishes for a friend heading back into the big wide world.

I was trying my best to look calm. But my heart was pounding like an 808 kick drum. I could hear like I was in an old-fashioned blazer with 15-inch woofers in it.
Nate McKinney

This conversation took first place as the Best Interview Podcast, in the 2022 Public Media Journalism Awards.

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Uncuffed From The Producers Of UncuffedCrosscurrents
Thanh Tran is a media-maker and journalist, raised in South Sacramento. Thanh left San Quentin in 2022, is a Senior Policy and Communications Fellow with the Ella Baker Center, and an Advisory Board member for Uncuffed.<br/>
Nathan "Nate" McKinney is a founding co-host of Uncuffed. He paroled from San Quentin in 2022, after serving more than 20 years.
Edmond Richardson is a producer with KALW's Uncuffed.
Thomas "Shakur" Ross is a producer of KALW's Uncuffed, presenting stories that show the humanity of incarcerated people.