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Oakland’s Measure V: An update to the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance

This is a 2-minute summary of Oakland’s Measure V on the November 8, 2022 ballot.

Today we’re talking about Oakland’s Measure V, which would revise the legal framework under which landlords may evict residential tenants.

Two decades ago, Oakland voters approved a tenant protection law, called the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance. Measure V would amend that law. Its sponsors say the goal is to keep more Oaklanders in stable housing.

If a majority of voters approve Measure V, here are the changes it will make to the Just Cause law:

  • Say a landlord wants to move into an occupied rental unit they own. That’s already allowed — it’s called a no-fault eviction — but under Measure V, the landlord couldn’t do that during the school year if tenants include school-aged children or educators.
  • Measure V would also extend the law’s eviction protections to tenants in RVs or tiny homes located on private property.
  • And, it would prohibit landlords from evicting tenants only because they refuse to sign a new lease.

There’s one more important thing: Right now, the Just Cause law applies only to tenants in buildings built before 1996. Measure V would change that. Rental units in all buildings built more than ten years ago would be covered.

The Oakland Tenants Union and housing advocates back Measure V. They say the additional protections will help address the housing crisis.

Opponents include the East Bay Rental Housing Association. It says the amendment would add unneeded regulations and complicate the no-fault eviction process.

So, voting “yes” on Measure V means voting to bolster tenant protections under Oakland’s Just Cause Ordinance.

A “no” vote is a vote for no changes to Oakland’s existing eviction protections.

That's a brief take on Oakland’s Measure V.

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Mary Catherine O’Connor is a radio and print reporter whose beats include climate change, energy, material circularity, waste, technology, and recreation. She was a 2022-23 Audio Academy Fellow at KALW . She has reported for leading publications including Outside, The Guardian, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera America, and many trade magazines. In 2014 she co-founded a reader-supported experiment in journalism, called Climate Confidential.