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The Stoop: You called me African what?

Illustration by Neema Iyer

The Stoop podcast is hosted by KALW's Hana Baba and Leila Day. 

When Hana was little, she was teased in school for being from Africa. The teasing often came from the black kids. It made Hana and Leila wonder: How do African Americans relate to African immigrants to the United States? Why is the relationship between them sometimes so complicated?
In this excerpt, we hear a frank conversation with a Sudanese American millennial, Shadin Awad, who has an honest chat with her two African American friends about stereotypes, and how they relate as black women from different parts of the diaspora today.

"I don't question the intention of black women maybe the way maybe I did when I was younger, because I was insecure of my blackness. But now I just feel this automatic sisterhood. I'm really down with my sisters, and I feel that deeply, and I want to commit myself to that."

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