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My Mixtape

What's your favorite song? Or a song that holds meaning for you? KALW News has been asking these questions to people all around the Bay Area and here's what we've found.

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My Mixtape: "Out on a Limb," by Teena Marie

Jun 28, 2019
Album Cover: Starchild

Alyia Yates is a 2019 Audio Academy Fellow here at KALW. She knows how to show up with a strong voice in all of her stories, such as this interview with SOL Development and a look into freeing your cheeks at a twerk church.

Her mixtape is sure to take your imagination on a trip. Listen in as she sets the stage and then performs the story behind one of her favorite songs, "Out on a Limb," by Teena Marie.

My Mixtape: "Saying Goodbye," The Muppets Take Manhattan

Jun 22, 2019

Kevin Mclean is a 2019 Audio Academy Fellow here at KALW. He knows how to mix ecology with radio in ways sure to catch your interest, just check out the following stories he did on roadkill and panamanian monkeys.

As the time comes to bid farewell to our latest cohort of fellows, Kevin provides us with a fitting anthem from The Muppets. Grab some tissues, hug a friend, and listen to today's My Mixtape!

My Mixtape: "Red Socks Pugie," by FOALS

Jun 15, 2019

Joann Deluna is a 2019 Audio Academy Fellow here at KALW. She's brought us some great stories, including a series on sexual education in California and a look into the drum circle at Lake Merritt.

Today she brings us a fun FOALS song and a new phrase you can use when you find yourself crushing on someone. Yes, it's adorable. Thanks for all your energy and work with us, Joann!

My Mixtape: "Holiday," by Green Day

Jun 14, 2019

Porfirio Rangel is a 2019 Audio Academy Fellow here at KALW. He profiled a ton of great local music, including a story on The Y-Axes. He's got an ear for future stars and today he brings us a classic from the past.

"Holiday" is from Green Day's American Idiot album. Was it anti-American? Listen to today's mixtape to find out, and potentially get pumped up while you learn.

My Mixtape: "Title and Registration," by Death Cab for Cutie

Jun 8, 2019

Lisa Wang is a fellow in our 2019 Audio Academy. Check out her stories on San Francisco sinking (or is it?!) and a local nonprofit that got into real estate to help keep San Francisco affordable.

She chose to share a tune from her emo adolescence and provides us with one of the most adorable sing-a-longs yet. Thanks for all of your hard work, Lisa!

My Mixtape: "Juice," by Lizzo

Jun 7, 2019

What's your feel good anthem? Local trans beauty, entertainer, and personality Pearl Teese brings the hype with Lizzo's "Juice." Lizzo is an icon of black woman empowerment who preaches positivity: sex positivity, body positivity, and self-love. If you haven't heard her yet, here's your chance!

My Mixtape: "Dear To Me," by Electric Guest

May 31, 2019

Dan Hoyle is a local actor and playwright specializing in journalistic theater. Today he brings us a solid tune from the son of Tony Taccone, one of his co-writers. 

Electric guest is a band with origins in the bay who really knows how to lay down the synth. Check out one of their more romantic songs, "Dear To Me," on today's mixtape.

My Mixtape: "Seasons Change," by Corinne Bailey Rae

May 31, 2019

Enon Gaines, frontman of local indie-punk-hip-hop band Unlikely Heroes, chats with us about one of his favorites: Corinne Bailey Rae. He couldn't stop getting goosebumps as he spoke about the effect her self-titled debut album had on him as he learned to play guitar by covering some of her songs.

For today's mixtape, Enon goes with "Seasons Change," a song from that first album that is here to help you keep your chin up.

 Kimberley Acebo Arteche is an educator, cultural worker, and interdisciplinary artist working in photography, social practice, and performance. But before all that she had a favorite that forced her to sweat. 

Check out this throwback and get your groove on! Interested in being featured for My Mixtape? Find out how here.

My Mixtape: "Can't Stop The Feeling!" by Justin Timberlake

May 25, 2019

Photographer and archivist Mia Nakano is the Executive Director & Co-Founder of the Resilience Archives. Listen in to hear how she surprised her wife....with Justin Timberlake!

Know an underrated song the world needs to hear? Got a sweet story for one of your favorite tunes? Find out how to be featured on My Mixtape here!

My Mixtape: "How Deep Is Your Love?" by The Bee Gees

May 17, 2019

Writer, artist, and massage therapist CC Hart details the unique experience she has when she listens to this classic by The Bee Gees. CC has synesthesia, which can create interlinked perception, and for some people that means sounds will translate into an experience of color.

What color would your favorite song be? Listen to today's mixtape to learn a bit about how CC experiences "How Deep Is Your Love?"

My Mixtape: "Ain't Nobody," by Chaka Khan

May 17, 2019

Writer, speaker, storyteller, and Latinx culture nerd Gabby Rivera is the author behind America Chavez, Marvel Comic's first queer Latina superhero, along with the critically acclaimed debut novel Juliet Takes a Breath.

Today she brings us "Ain't Nobody," a loving tune by Chaka Khan, and tells us what it might have to do with breakdancing.

Devin Nelson, guitarist for out of this world space pop group The Y-Axes, shares with us a tune from Los Campesinos. 

How do you think artists should tackle the topic of death in their work? For Devin, it's headfirst. 

Is there a special song you sing along to with someone in your family? Maybe a song that helped you understand each other?  

Alexjandra Rodriguez from Oakland tells us a sentimental story behind the 2Pac classic "Dear Mama."

My Mixtape: "Drops of Jupiter," by Train

May 6, 2019

Nick Ishimaru, musical theatre performer and artistic director of Theatre of Yugen, fuses Western and traditional Asian performance techniques for his own original creations. 

Today he brings to us "Drops of Jupiter," a song about exploration and adventure and the lessons we can learn abroad about our own sense of belonging.

My Mixtape: "Hallelujah," by Leonard Cohen

May 6, 2019

Jen Gilomen, documentary filmmaker and cinematographer known for the New Day films "Deep Down," and "Life on the Line," shares with us a favorite tune by Leonard Cohen.

Is there a song you love so much you're not afraid to belt it out on the streets of your city? Share it with us today!

My Mixtape: "Dream On," by Aerosmith

Apr 27, 2019

Karen Gutfreund is an artist, activist, curator, and consultant living in the Bay Area. Today she shares with us "Dream On," by Aerosmith.

A fun thing about songs that stay with you across the course of your life is that you can see how their meaning shifts for you over time. "Dream On" is a song that just might mean more to you the more wrinkles you get. 

Alexi Rose Belchere from The Y Axes brings to us "Every Day's the Weekend," by Alex Lahey. Have you ever wanted to skip work and stay in bed? We suggest doing just that while giving this Mixtape a listen.

My Mixtape: "My Queen Is Ada Eastman," by Sons of Kemet

Apr 19, 2019

Oakland author Dickson Lam, whose award-winning memoir was released in 2017, brings us "My Queen Is Ada Eastman," by Sons of Kemet.

Sons of Kemet is a modern British jazz group with a sound that bounces around with mixes of jazz, rock, carribean folk, hip hop, and more. We recommend listening somewhere you can dance.

My Mixtape: "Amor Eterno," by Rocío Dúrcal

Apr 19, 2019

Have you ever had a song so powerful it hurt too much to listen to? Santa Cruz based Natalie Tan-Torres brings to us a song that, for her, can only be listened to sparingly. After two years of avoiding "Amor Eterno," Natalie gives it a listen and explains to us why it holds such an impact.

Rocío Dúrcal is a singer and actress from Spain with an esteemed Latin Grammy Award. Listen to her sing and see if you can hold back the tears.

My Mixtape: "Both Sides Now," by Joni Mitchell

Apr 13, 2019

Lisa Forkish is a singer-songwriter, educator and self-described “Love Warrior,” based out of Oakland, CA. She has released four solo albums and is founder and director of five-time national champion a cappella group Vocal Rush.

She brings to us Joni Mitchell, who has been a big influence on her since she was a young girl. The song "Both Sides Now" is full of metaphors and solid life philosophy, give it a listen!

My Mixtape: "Love Theme from Spartacus," by Yusef Lateef

Apr 11, 2019

Michael Orange is the executive director and founder of Matatu in Oakland, CA. Today he shares with us a song from Yusef Lateef's 1960's album Eastern Sounds, a cover of the "Love Theme" from the movie Spartacus.

Nathan Tan is a fashion designer, artist, and owner of the clothing company New Skool, and today he brings us a hit from KRS-One. 

Listen to "Step Into a World," part of KRS-One's third solo album released in 1997, to get a taste of a conscious rap song you can dance to.

My Mixtape: "Summertime," by George Gershwin

Apr 5, 2019

Van-Anh Vanessa Vo is a wildly talented traditional Vietnamese instrumentalist and composer, who graduated from and taught at the Vietnam Academy of Music. 

Today she brings to us a classic 1935 opera song from Porgy and Bess that, for her, carries unexpected similarities to Vietnamese weather.

My Mixtape: "After Darkness," by Zakiya Harris

Mar 30, 2019

Oakland singer and songwriter Zakiya Harris performs under the name Sh8peshifter, fusing an afro-eclectic mix of soul, dance, and theater. She brings to us "After Darkness," a meaningful song of her own.

Listen to Zakiya muse on our culture's fear of darkness and the positivity that could potentially come from it in this edition of My Mixtape.

Dominique Gelin is a local comedian and co-producer of many bay area comedy showcases. In one of the most informative My Mixtapes yet, she graces us with her wit, wisdom, and one of her favorite tunes.

Did Eisenhower have black friends? How has the United States used music to show the world they were cool? Listen to a little Dave Brubeck Quartet to find out!

My Mixtape: "River," by Joni Mitchell

Mar 23, 2019

Playwright, stage actor, and sports columnist for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Chuck (CW) Nevius, shares with us a favorite from Joni Mitchell. It's a dreamy Christmas song unlike any other; give it a listen and see why it's one of Chuck's favorites!

My Mixtape: "Testify," by Dianne Reeves

Mar 22, 2019

Destiny Muhammad is a local recording and performing artist, band leader, composer, and producer. Her new album, Sonic Legacy, is a tribute to the legendary jazz harpist Alice Coltrane. 

She brings to My Mixtape another source of inspiration, Dianne Reeves, whose music might just keep you grounded when times get tough.

My Mixtape: "The Whale Song" by Big Tree

Mar 8, 2019

Anne Yumi Kobori is a Bay-Area based theatre professional and teaching artist. She believes in live theatre as a unique and powerful form of human connection.

She brings to us a band that formed in the basements of Sarah Lawrence College, and explains what it is that makes "Whale Song" so cute.

My Mixtape: "Tezeta," by Mulatu Astatke

Mar 7, 2019

San Francisco’s Tommy Guerrero started his career as a professional skateboarder in the 1980s and has been invested in music since his youth. He released his latest project, Dub Tunes, in Febuary 2019. 

Today he brings us a sweet lullaby of a song from Mulatu Astatke, one of the pioneers of the ethio jazz genre. Give it a listen and see how quickly you forget your troubles.