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zero emissions plan

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On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, we will have a conversation about how SoCalGas, California’s largest gas utility, has been exerting its financial and political muscle to promote biogas — which the industry markets as "renewable gas" — as a better solution than renewable electricity.

Plug-in vehicles edge toward the mainstream

Apr 3, 2014

Are electric vehicles poised for a renaissance? As Tesla talks of gigafactories, San Francisco develops new public charging stations and the state moves forward with its zero emission vehicle plan, is it time for consumers to go electric? Host David Onek and guests discuss the benefits and challenges associated with EVs.

Producer: Susie Britton


-Marc Geller, writer, advocate and co-founder of Plug-In America, a non-profit group that promotes the use of electric vehicles. He appeared in the 2006 film "Who Killed the Electric Car."