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Workers rights


How did one factory challenge the apparel industry’s sweatshops? The Alta Gracia factory in the Dominican Republic is the only factory in the global south to pay workers a living wage.

Samer Muscati/ Human Rights Watch


How are college students organizing against sweatshops? Members of United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) have been fighting sweatshop conditions and poverty wages for 20 years.

On the August 10th edition of Your Call, we’ll discuss sexual harassment.

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Maria Su is the executive director of the San Francisco Department for Children Youth and Their Families.  They work together with the city and community organizations to improve the life of kids and parents. Hear her speak about the new Paid Parental Leave Ordinance in San Francisco, and what it means for families in the city.

Parents plan for paid family leave in San Francisco

Jul 25, 2016
Lisa Bartfai


Rents and cost of living in the Bay Area are still on the rise, but San Francisco families will soon start seeing some relief: the city has a new family leave law that will come into effect in January of 2017.


Your Call: Protecting workers' rights in the gig economy

Feb 10, 2016
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On the February 11th edition of Your Callwe’ll discuss how independent contractors are working to protect their rights in the gig economy.