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The Source: The dog days of Dogtown

Jun 8, 2017
"Dogtown" by CC Flickr user Brendan Landis, resized and recropped


Dogtown is a small unincorporated village in Marin County — the population is 32. KALW’s Steven Short tracks down the history of this tiny community and brings back the story behind the curious name of Dogtown.

   This story originally aired in 2010. 

The Point Reyes Light, a weekly newspaper in West Marin, is known for a lot of things. It won a Pulitzer Prize, it’s done muckraking reporting on a local cult, and riled up residents with its change in ownership. But these days, one of its most popular features is a police log that transforms people’s worries into something close to literature.

An excerpt from The Point Reyes Light Sheriff's Calls: An oak tree was reportedly dying, its debris crumbling into the roadway