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Philosophy Talk: Trash Talks

22 hours ago

Do the things we call 'trash' say more about those things or about us?


 On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, Professor Kate O'Neill discusses her new book Waste, which details the complex global waste crisis and the business of producing, collecting, disposing of, and recycling it.

U.S. Department of Agriculture / Used Under CC / flickr


On the August 31st edition of we’ll discuss the estimated 40 percent of food that’s wasted every year in the United States.

One thing you probably don’t think of when you think of hospitals is garbage. And yet, these huge institutions generate tons of garbage that goes straight into our landfills. According to this week’s East Bay Express cover story, on average it takes 33 pounds of garbage to treat each patient.  Reporter Kathleen Richards says the medical industry is one of the leading producers of waste, but has been slow to recycle.