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Transbay Transit Center

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A $2 billion transit terminal in San Francisco that shut down shortly after its inauguration last year has partially reopened.

The terminal's lobby and its 5.4-acre rooftop park re-opened Monday to the public but bus service won't resume until later this summer.

Eli Wirtschafter / KALW

San Francisco’s Transbay Transit Center is six months old. The huge bus station, and planned high speed rail station, opened to a lot of fanfare. And then, six weeks later, workers found cracks in the building’s structure. It’s been closed ever since, and repairs have only just begun.

Riding the California high-speed rail in virtual reality

Aug 12, 2018
Cropped and used with permission from TaylorHerring / Flickr / Creative Commons

People wanting to ride California's high-speed railroad have been stymied by many project setbacks. But people attending the August 11th opening of the Salesforce Transit Center got the next best thing — a virtual reality experience simulating a high-speed rail journey, complete with stylish stations and train car designs.

Eli Wirtschafter / KALW News

The Transbay Transit Center in downtown San Francisco finally opens this weekend.

It was supposed to be the “Grand Central Station of the West,” connecting buses, BART, Caltrain, and high-speed rail. But so far, it’s a $2.1 billion bus stop with a green roof.