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Photo courtesy of Sandip Roy

I am a samosa and this is my sad sad story.

Sandip Roy

Sandip, who does not like fish, relishes his annual dish of Ilish, the prized fish of Bengal. But at what cost?  

Photos from "We Are La Cocina" by Eric Wolfinger



On this edition of Your Call, we’ll hear from women who are building their own culinary businesses through the San Francisco-based incubator program La Cocina, which is out with its first cookbook.

Vietnamese death anniversaries unite young and old

Jan 17, 2019
Christine Nguyen / KALW

Every year after a Vietnamese person’s death, their children and grandchildren make a feast. The event joins generations together in a commitment that extends beyond death. The death anniversary is an expression of Vietnamese identity and values in a world where traditions inevitably change.

Preserving holiday memories for future hunger pangs

Nov 20, 2018
Margaret Katcher / KALW News

Thanksgiving week makes us feel things. Lots of things. About history, about family, about memory. Last year, reporter Margaret Katcher brought a recorder to her holiday table, but found herself wondering about her impulse to document the moment.

Leslie Griffy / KALW News


Arturo Magaña loved folklórico dancing — but he wanted to perform his own story. So, he founded his own LGTBQ folklórico group, Folklórico Colibrí, an ensemble that performs Mexican folk dances in San Jose.