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Jozie / Wikimedia Commons

With the basketball season just weeks away, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry found time, Wednesday, to talk with former President Barack Obama in a public chat.

Ep. 9 - Meet Stephen Curry's barber

Jun 5, 2019
Courtesy of Yusef Wright

We all know sports is a business. That’s why the Warriors are leaving for San Francisco — to make more money. But sports are also emotional. Sentimental, even. In the lead up to the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry decided to give back in a very sports way. He identified 30 people in the community who made a difference in his and others’ lives and gave them each a pair of specially crafted shoes from his main sponsor, the athletic wear company Under Armour.  Curry’s barber Yusef Wright is one of those people. He works out of Benny Adem Grooming Parlor, just a few blocks away from the Warriors downtown practice court. In this episode of Bounce, we went to that barbershop and found a sense of peace, purpose, and hometown pride. 

PREVIEW - The beginning of the end

Apr 3, 2019

A preview of our new podcast Bounce: The Warriors' Last Season in Oakland.

Get a taste of the new series from KALW that considers how the team’s move across the Bay impacts fans, players, businesses, and the city it’s called home for nearly 50 years.