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On this edition of Your Call's media roundtable, we’ll discuss the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines. In Texas, some voters say machines switching votes for the US Senate. In Georgia, the NAACP has filed a complaint over voting machine issues.We know these machines are problematic. Why are they still being used.?

Is whistleblowing a matter of duty, or a matter of choice?

Philosophy Talk: When Democracies Torture

Nov 28, 2017

What's wrong with a little torture between sworn enemies?

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"Online surveillance" by sajb1 used by CC license

How much information do you give away everyday?

Daily news roundup for Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jun 14, 2016
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Here’s what’s happening in the Bay Area as curated by KALW news:

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In the next two weeks, more than one million people will flood into the Bay Area to celebrate Super Bowl 50.


99% Invisible: Perfect Security

Aug 7, 2015

On the August 7, 2015 edition of 99% Invisible.

Should we think of whistleblowers as selfless martyrs, as traitors, or as something else?  Hear John Perry and Ken Taylor's conversation with the world's most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden.  Tuesday at 12pm.