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Sacred Steps

Brian Adams

For most of her life, Neets’aii Gwich’in leader Sarah James has worked to protect her homelands, including the coastal plain of the nearby Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But, now the U.S. government wants to lease some of the area for oil exploration and drilling. In this story from The Spiritual Edge we hear how the Gwich’in tribal government is challenging those plans, which threaten land that they call sacred. 

Shaina Shealy

In this story from The Spiritual Edge, we meet a Palestinian man trying to navigate one of the thorniest conflicts imaginable — whether Palestinians and Israelis can exist peacefully on a landmass barely bigger than the nine-county Bay Area.

Ash Ponders

Most religions teach people to help those in need. But what happens when that mandate clashes with how the government views the law? In this story from The Spiritual Edge, we hear how federal prosecutors cracked down on volunteers providing aid on the border. 

Jess Engebretson / KALW

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many Americans into sudden intimacy with difficult feelings: anxiety, fear, and grief. In this story from The Spiritual Edge, we get to know a North Carolina woman whose Buddhist practice has helped her navigate fear and grief.

Jules Wecker

In this story from The Spiritual Edge, we'll meet Al and Andi Tauber, married singer-songwriters who direct music for a congregation of urban Mennonites in Chicago. Like their Amish and Quaker spiritual cousins, Mennonites favor the simple life, but they see God in city life too. For the Taubers, this means taking their faith and music to the streets.

Heidi Shin

In a new story from The Spiritual Edge, we meet two Catholic nuns who, after decades of work with immigrant detainees, still aren’t slowing down. Sisters JoAnn Persch and Pat Murphy say their age — one is 85, the other is 90 — is irrelevant when there is so much need. They attend rallies and prayer vigils, meet with immigrants in detention centers — and when they see an opportunity, press for legislation that will bring more humanity to a system where it can be lacking.

Maria Martin

In this story from The Spiritual Edge, we meet a Honduran Catholic priest who speaks up on behalf of his country’s most vulnerable people. His activism over the airwaves, in his writings and speeches places him in the crosshairs of a government that has killed its opponents, including this priest’s friends and colleagues.

Shaina Shealy

In a new series from The Spiritual Edge, we hear from a former Israeli soldier who questions the violence he perpetrated towards Palestinians, and what it means to be Jewish if he’s no longer a Zionist.