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On today’s IP we're going to take you back in time--to right after the election of Donald Trump,

Sarah Tan

With Pride around the corner, we're bringing you an Audiograph that sings the songs of LGBTQ resistance. Specifically, the story of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, and how they use song as an act of protest.

Philosophy Talk: The Art of Non-Violence

Jan 12, 2018

In a violent world, what can non-violence really achieve?

Ben Trefny

Rio Yañez has been putting together the Día de los Muertos exhibit at SOMArts Cultural Center for many years. He took KALW's Ben Trefny on a tour of this year's exhibit.

The Remembrance and Resistance: Día de los Muertos Exhibition is open  now through November 9th. 

What will the next four years look like for public education? Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, has spent years successfully working to privatize education in Michigan, and Donald Trump's budget calls for $9 billion in cuts to the Department of Education.


On Saturday, more than three million people gathered in cities around the country to oppose Donald Trump's sexist and racist agenda and to raise their voices about reproductive rights, economic justice, the environment, and many other crucial issues. It's said to be the largest march in US history. Marches also took place across the globe.