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Has the time come for reparations for slavery?  Tonight, host Ethan Elkind and guests explore the history of the reparations movement in the United States and discuss what can be done to bridge the racial wealth divide.  We’ll also hear what California lawmakers are doing to address inequality and get the latest on COVID in the Bay Area.

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On this edition of Your Call, hear our conversation about redress, reparations, and restorative justice.

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Between 1909 and 1979, the state of California forcibly sterilized thousands of people, more than any other state. These people were disproportionately Latinx. A new bill would give compensation to the few hundred survivors who are still alive today.

  On today's Your Call, we’ll talk about how people come to terms with past atrocities. The Catholic Diocese in Monterey recently held a reconciliation Mass for a band of Ohlone Indians to publicly acknowledge and apologize for the church’s abuse of native people during the Mission era.  What is the power of a public apology?  Is it enough?  Join us at 10am Pacific or post a comment here.  What does reconciliation mean to you? It’s Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you. 


Valentin Lopez, Tribal Chairman of the Amah Mutsun band of Ohlone