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Proposition 13

YLR: Proposition 19 and Your Real Property

20 hours ago

In the November 2020 election, California Voters modified parts of Proposition 13, creating a constitutional amendment that broadens the ability of some homeowners to transfer their tax assessments to another residence within the state, while at the same time limits the ability to avoid reassessment for inherited homes.  What are the major changes brought about by the initiative?  Do you need to do to adjust my estate plan?  When you make changes to capitalize on a more beneficial property tax assessment, is there a risk to state and/or federal income taxes.  

City Visions: Special Election Coverage

Mar 1, 2020

San Francisco heads to the polls Tuesday to choose the next Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Voters will also decide on important propositions ranging from funding renovations at City College and financing earthquake safety, to taxing vacant commercial properties.

"Oakland Teachers Strike" by National Nurses United, used under CC license, resized and cropped

Host Joseph Pace and guests discuss the policy and funding issues underlying Oakland and California’s public school crisis.  What solutions exist to get our schools back in session and back on track?

Photo couresty of Liam Dillon

Liam Dillon covers state politics and policy for the LA Times. He spoke with KALW's Ben Trefny about the split roll campaign to reform Proposition 13 — which was just postponed to the 2020 ballot — and how that reform fits in with other proposed initiatives to address the state's housing crisis. 

Liza Veale


If you’ve heard of Proposition 13, you probably know that it cut property taxes back in 1978, which reduced funding for public schools and other services. It also has a lot to do with the state’s shortage of housing and, many argue, the fact that rents are so darn high.

Prop 13: Mad as Hell

Nov 14, 2016
Photo courtesy of Retro Report

In 1978, when Howard Jarvis declared that he was mad as hell about rising property taxes in California, he started a tax revolt in the state. Thirty-eight years later, Jarvis’s Proposition 13 is still on the books in California, but the debate over its consequences remains.

City Visions: Can we fix Prop 13?

Jul 21, 2015


It’s widely known as the third rail of California politics, but is the time ripe for a change to Proposition 13? 

Your Call: Is it time to reform Prop 13?

Jun 4, 2014