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Prop 13

YLR: Proposition 19 and Your Real Property

20 hours ago

In the November 2020 election, California Voters modified parts of Proposition 13, creating a constitutional amendment that broadens the ability of some homeowners to transfer their tax assessments to another residence within the state, while at the same time limits the ability to avoid reassessment for inherited homes.  What are the major changes brought about by the initiative?  Do you need to do to adjust my estate plan?  When you make changes to capitalize on a more beneficial property tax assessment, is there a risk to state and/or federal income taxes.  

On this edition of Your Call, we’re discussing The First Angry Man, a documentary about anti-tax crusader Howard Jarvis and the history of California’s Proposition 13, which cut property taxes and funding for schools.

    Do you understand what Prop 15's proposed 'split roll' is? On our next show, we will dig into this question and examine the arguments for and against Prop 15. Is it an appropriate amendment to Prop 13, as supporters claim, or a deliberate weakening of an important protection for property owners? 

City Visions: How do we pay for public education?

Feb 10, 2020

In the 1970s, California ranked 7th out of all states in per pupil funding. Now it's 41st  in the nation according to Governor Gavin Newsom. The education budget line is robust, but most Californians think it is not enough. How does the state pay for public education, K through college? Will the new Prop. 13, a $15 billion bond measure, change the landscape? What about efforts to reform the old Prop 13, which restricted property taxes that were used to pay for schools?