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You can hear Francisco Javier read his poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW Today Wednesday May 1 at 11:58 this morning and at 5:57 this evening.

Radio Poets - Alex Hong, "The King Of Sorrow"

Apr 30, 2019
credit: flickr user Raymond Wambsgans

You can hear Alex Hong read his poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW Today Tuesday April 30 at 7:49 this morning and at this afternoon at 5:57

Radio Poets 2019 - Ramona Gonzales, "Golazo"

Apr 29, 2019

You can hear Ramona read her poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW today Monday April 29 this morning at 11:58 and this evening at 5:57.

Radio Poets 2019 - Samuel Barrias, "El Balon"

Apr 24, 2019

You can hear Samuel Barrias read his poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW Today, Wednesday April 24 at 11:58am and 5:57pm

You can hear Mohamed's poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW later this afternoon at 5:57 pm

Radio Poets 2019 - Vanessa Santos, "Mi Nombre"

Apr 19, 2019

Radio Poets 2019 - Isabela Castro, "Being Short"

Apr 17, 2019

You can hear Isabela Castro read her poem broadcast on 91.7 KALW Today, Wednesday April 17 at 11:58 this morning at 5:57 this afternoon.

Radio Poets 2019 - Christina Fong, "The Sun And I"

Apr 12, 2019
flickr user Stanley Zimny

                                                                                             The Sun and I

                                                 By Christina Fong, Redding Elementary School

Radio Poets 2019 - Russa Bassine, "Set In Motion"

Apr 11, 2019


Radio Poets 2019 - Angelo Tuchez, "In The Forest"

Apr 10, 2019


In Studio: Robin Flower & Libby McLaren

Mar 2, 2019

Kevin Vance's guests today will be local longtime music-makers Robin Flower and Libby McLaren, as well as Alaska's Fiddling Poet, Ken Waldman. Tune in at 5 p.m.

Poet laureates reign across the country, representing different cities and states like kings and queens of the written word. Often, they’re college professors with knee-deep resumes. Not so in Oakland, where being a professor would actually disqualify you: Oakland’s poet laureate has always been a high school student. 


Radio Poets 2015: Frisca Mohammady

Apr 20, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area


Frisca Mohammady, Up on Top Program at Tenderloin Community School

Red sounds like fire

It sounds very scary

It tastes like strawberry pudding and strawberry jello


Red makes me feel cozy and warm 

It's like I have to sleep

Moves likes the waves of the ocean

Looks like a monster

Feels like love


Radio Poets 2015: Leslie Ann Chua

Apr 7, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

The Sky of a Million Colors

Lesley Anne Chua, Lakeshore Elementary


My sky, sky of a million colors, with its many

vibrant colors glimmering in the dark sky.

With its red as red as blood-red apples

It’s orange as soft as a lovely sunset

Yellow bright as the blazing sun

Green as grassy field at dawn

Blue as the delightful icy blue sky

With violet as rich as dew covered lavenders on a spring day

And pink as a flower blooming slowly

Sky of a million colors, my sky.


Radio Poets 2015: Oscar Martinez

Apr 6, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area


The Right Words to Say I Love You

Oscar Martinez, ER Taylor


Too many words just to say
Three simple words. It takes time
And faith. Mom when I see you
I just can’t wait to say it.
You make me go to heaven,
I dance in the clouds all day long.

You make my day and turn
My frown upside down.
You have showed me everything I know
just Like a teacher.
Every time I see you
Make my heart come out of my chest.
This means that you’re the best.





A Simple Revolution: Judy Grahn, feminist poet

Mar 13, 2013

Host and Producer Marilyn Pittman interviews lesbian feminist pioneer, Judy Grahn, whose "Common Woman" poems inspired the early 70's feminist movement. Marilyn's 1982 NPR-funded series "By A Woman Writ" profiled Judy and her work. This show will feature audio from that program of actors performing her words. Judy is now Co-Director of The Women's Spirituality Program at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. 7pm. http://www.sofia.edu/academics/faculty/grahn.php

Leonard Cohen Special

Dec 5, 2012

Listen this coming Saturday at 3 pm for All Things Leonard, our tribute show to the great Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. The Conspiracy of Beards will join us in the KALW studios.   This 20-man a capella ensemble sings the songs of Leonard Cohen in multi-part harmonies.