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CA Sues Nation Over Fuel Efficiency Standards / Pushback Against Proposed CA Budget Cuts

Newsom’s Budget Criticized / Flush Your Pipes! / LA County Reopening / McDonald’s Workers Strike In Oakland

Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday, 5/27/20, AM

May 27, 2020

Hair Places Are Back / Some Churches Resist Reopening / Is Voting By Mail Safe? Yes. / AB5 On The Ballot, Again

Hair Salons Reopening / Church Service Guidelines / Spare The Air Days Resurging

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 5/26/20, AM

May 26, 2020

California Vote-By-Mail Challenged / Church Congregations Return With Limitations / Voters To Decide On App-Based Driving Labor Laws / Fire Guts San Francisco Fishing Industry

California Churches Back In Business / San Francisco Fire Burns Fishing Industry

Bay Area Headlines: Monday, 5/25/20, AM

May 25, 2020


The Future Of Education / Church Congregations May Gather Again Soon / Economic Recovery Uncertainty / Unemployment Benefit Frustration


Workers Comp Bills Considered / Bay Area Budget Cuts / Churches Planning To Resume In-Person Services / Park Inequities


Counties Pushing Back


As restaurants and stores were cleared to open for customers in more than half of California's counties, today, one county tried to push even further, allowing businesses to open without the state's permission.

Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday, 5/20/20, AM

May 20, 2020

Restaurants Survey Results / Employment Payments Coming … Sometime

COVID-19 Status Update / The Future For Restaurants

California Weeks Away From Phase 3 / California Casinos Reopen Without Social Distancing

Bay Area Enters Phase Two / Tesla Reopening Questioned

Bay Area Headlines: Monday, 5/18/20, AM

May 18, 2020

A Different Kind Of 'Sanctuary' City / California’s 'Education Crisis' / Help Wanted For Hospitals / Hotel Rooms For Unhoused People

Steve Zeltzer

Protestors rallied outside of Tesla’s Fremont factory on Saturday. This comes after the electric car manufacturer reached a deal last week with Alameda county to keep its factory in Fremont in operation.

The past week has been full of contentious posturing between Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and public officials. At one point, Musk threatened to move the Fremont factory to either Las Vegas or Texas. He also opened the plant last week in defiance of Alameda County’s shelter in place law and then dared the government to arrest him.

Father of Nehrams2020 / Creative Commons

More parks and hiking trails welcomed visitors again Saturday and one city declared itself a “sanctuary” from California's stay-at-home order as the state's diverse regions carve their own path toward reopening.

Bay Area Headlines: Friday, 5/15/20, AM

May 15, 2020


Budget Revise Overview / Impact On Wildfire Prevention / Stern Grove Festival Cancelled / Scofflaw Business Crackdown / Solar Industry Struggling

$54 Billion Shortfall Projected In New California Budget Proposal / SF Regulators Recommend New Policies To Protect Gig Workers / Concerns Over Secrecy Due To Suspended Access To Public Records / Contra Costa Courts Begin Reopening On May 26

Torbakhopper / Flickr Creative Commons


San Francisco officials are recommending more protections for gig workers, after seeing new data about the devastating impacts of COVID-19.


Bay Area Headlines: Thursday, 5/14/20, AM

May 14, 2020

Budget Revise Today / Tourism Hit Hard / Wildfire Numbers Up / Unofficial CA Unemployment Help

Counties Entering Phase Two / Paid Sick Leave in Oakland / Tesla Dispute Resolved / Tech Companies Encouraging Working From Home

Lance Yamamoto

Last night Oakland City Council unanimously passed a measure that gives workers up to 80 hours of paid sick leave during the pandemic.

The Shifting Work Culture of Big Bay Area Tech

May 13, 2020
Claudio Shwarz / Unsplash


Bay Area tech companies are making major changes to work culture in the wake of COVID-19. Since the shelter-in-place order began in March, most tech workers have shifted to working from home.

Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday, 5/13/20, AM

May 13, 2020

California State Cancels In-Person Classes / University of California Proposes Suspension Of Standardized Test Requirement / Community Colleges Sue Education Secretary Betsy DeVos / New Guidelines For Reopening Restaurants / State Faces Scrutiny Over Contracts For Protective Equipment

California Senate Proposes Rent Forgiveness Program For Low-Income Tenants / Economic Recovery Plan Outlined / Whither The Money?

citymaus / CC BY-NC ND 2.0

Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order on Friday directing counties to send all registered voters mail-in ballots.

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 5/12/20, AM

May 12, 2020

Voting By Mail In California On Election Day / New Bill Would Ban Businesses From Refusing Cash / Free Late-Night Taxi Rides For Essential Workers 

Tesla Sues Alameda County To Be Considered Essential / 'Double Rainbow Guy' Paul Vasquez Has Died

Bernard Spragg / Flickr

Public transit service in San Francisco has been cut dramatically due to the shelter in place order. Now, the city’s rolling out a new commuting option for essential workers: free taxi rides.

California’s Budget Woes / Great Depression Level Unemployment / Open For Business, Again / Counties Impatient For Freedom / Stage Two Of Four To Recovery