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Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday, 6/24/20, AM

Jun 24, 2020

California COVID-19 Update / State Lawmakers Say Accessing Unemployment Benefits, Getting EDD Answers Top Constituent Complaint / Yosemite Decides Not To Reopen More Campgrounds / George Floyd’s Death Puts New Spotlight On Racism In Medicine

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 6/23/20, AM

Jun 23, 2020

Demonstrators Topple Golden Gate Park Statues / Governor And Legislators Agree On Budget /Several Shot In SF’s Tenderloin / BART Considers Defunding Police / COVID-19 Rising Again In California / Laney College Professor Criticized For Racism

CA Legislators and Governor Newsom Agree On Budget / Governors Ask Californians To Wear Masks

Audio Postcard: West Coast Ports Shutdown / COVID-19 In California Prisons Continues To Raise Concerns / Racial Justice Reform Happening In Sacramento 

Bay Area Headlines: Friday, 6/19/20, AM

Jun 19, 2020

Longshore Workers Plan Juneteenth Shutdown / SF’s Christopher Columbus Statue Removed / Oakland Police Department considers “Defunding the Police” / CA DACA Recipients Celebrate SCOTUS Ruling

Bay Area Headlines: Thursday, 6/18/20, PM

Jun 18, 2020

Masks Required in CA / CA Police Chiefs Endorse Reform Plan / SF Removes Columbus Statue / Mountain Lion In City Captured Safely

Bay Area Headlines: Thursday 06/18/20 AM

Jun 18, 2020



Smart Trash Cans In San Francisco’s Tenderloin / Update On Nooses In Oakland / Debunking COVID-19 Mortality Myths / CA Schools Superintendent Speaks Out About School Names

Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday 06/17/20 PM

Jun 17, 2020

Hate Crime Investigation At Oakland’s Lake Merritt / San Mateo County’s New Rules / Smart Trash Cans in SF Tenderloin / Calaveras County Fire

Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday 06/17/20 AM

Jun 17, 2020

Prison Rights Advocates Call For Safe Measures / Columbus Statue Removed From State Capitol / Grassroots Education Grows In East Oakland / State Asked To Pick Up Large Bill For Policing

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 6/16/20 PM

Jun 16, 2020

PG&E Pleads Guilty / Stinson Beach Fire / San Luis Obispo Fire / Oakland City Council’s Mid-Cycle Budget Review

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 6/16/20 AM

Jun 16, 2020

US Supreme Court Saves California Sanctuary Law / CA Legislators Pass Working Budget / PG&E Involuntary Manslaughter Culpability / Yosemite Reopened

Bay Area Headlines: Monday, 6/15/20 PM

Jun 15, 2020

State Claims Bay Area Cities Owe Them Hundreds Of Millions / UC Supports Restoring Affirmative Action

Bay Area Headlines: Monday, 6/15/20 AM

Jun 15, 2020

Bay Area Weekend Protests / Black Lives Matter Captioning / Legislature Expected To Pass Budget / COVID-19 In Psychiatric Wards

Bay Area Headlines: Thursday, 6/11/20 PM

Jun 11, 2020

San Francisco Police Disengage / Follow Up on SFMTA v SFPD Twitter Tussle / Affirmative Action On The Ballot / Zero Dollar Bail Ends For Now

Bay Area Headlines: Thursday, 6/11/20 AM

Jun 11, 2020

BART Worker Tests Positive / Anti-Eviction Law Extended / Oakland Public Schools Consider Eliminating School Police Force

Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday, 5/10/20, PM

Jun 10, 2020

No Cash Bail Challenged / BART Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19 / SF Shared Spaces

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 6/9/20, PM

Jun 9, 2020

Police Use Of Force Policies Reviewed / What Does “Defunding Police” Mean? / SF Considers Defunding Police / SF Expands Victim Compensation Services

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 6/9/20, AM

Jun 9, 2020

SF Corruption Probe Expands / Coronavirus Outbreak At San Quentin / California’s Masks Cleared / Protest? Test

Bay Area Headlines: Monday, 6/8/20, PM

Jun 9, 2020

Protesters Demand Justice For Killing Of Eric Salgado By Police In East Oakland / COVID-19 Infections Rising At San Quentin State Prison / California Red Flag Warnings In Effect / California Officials Release Pandemic Reopening Guidelines for Schools

Bay Area Headlines: Monday, 6/8/20, AM

Jun 8, 2020

Mission District Protesters Honor Sean Monterrosa / Marches Against Police Brutality Continue Around The Bay Area / Newsom Directs California Police To Drop The Carotid Restraint / Blood Bank Screens Donors For COVID-19 Antibodies / Quail Fire Now 40% Contained, But Strong Winds And Dry Weather Expected Through Monday

Bay Area Headlines: Friday, 6/5/20, AM

Jun 5, 2020


SF Mayor Breed’s Proposed Budget / Californians Surveyed About Crisis / Commercial Rent Protections Proposed / Court Rules EPA Shouldn’t Have Approved Herbicide

Bay Area Curfews Begin To Lift As Protests Continue

Bay Area Headlines: Thursday, 6/4/20, AM

Jun 4, 2020

Students Lead Mission District Demonstration / Some Police And Protester Tensions Continue / State Legislators Take On Coronavirus, Homelessness, And Racial Inequities / California Green New Deal Dies / Legislators Agree On State Budget

Bay Area Headlines: Wednesday, 6/3/20, PM

Jun 3, 2020

Curfew Details Around The Bay Area / SF Hall Of Justice Protest Leads To Arrests / CA’s Black Lawmakers Call For Change

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 6/2/20, PM

Jun 2, 2020

Peaceful Protest Marred By Oakland Police Department Response / Bay Area Officials Press Ahead With Police Reform 

Bay Area Headlines: Monday, 6/1/20, PM

Jun 1, 2020

Protests End In Arrests As Interfaith Leaders Push For Peaceful Demonstration / Governor Newsom Responds To Protests / CA's Top Education Official Calls For Action On Racism In Schools

Bay Area Headlines: Monday, 6/1/20, AM

Jun 1, 2020

Statewide Looters Cause Damage / Peaceful Protests In Oakland Focus On George Floyd

Bay Area Headlines: Friday, 5/29/20, AM

May 29, 2020

Employment Figures Less Bad / Some Counties Shutting Down Again

Bay Area Headlines: Thursday, 5/28/20, PM

May 28, 2020

Newsom Wants To Close Two Prisons / CA Senate’s Budget Counterproposal / Sara Cody’s Words Of Warning / Lassen County Closes Again

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Santa Clara’s top health official told the county board of supervisors, Tuesday, that statewide changes to shelter-in-place create a significant risk of coronavirus spread.