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What's your favorite song? Or what's a song that holds meaning for you? KALW News has been asking these questions to every person interviewed, and here's what they've found.

My Mixtape: "Greenfield," by Graham Norwood

Jan 19, 2020

Bay Area singer, songwriter, and guitarist Graham Norwood found himself gravitating back towards music after his marriage began falling apart. He now sees it as a survival mechanism — a way to work through the heartbreak, loneliness, and confusion. In this edition of My Mixtape, Graham talks about a deeply personal song, pulled from the pages of his own life. Got a song of your own? Submit it to My Mixtape here.

My Mixtape: "Little Wing," by Jimi Hendrix

Jan 10, 2020

Carina Ho is a musician, dancer, and choreographer who performs as Onikho. In today's edition of My Mixtape, she tells us about a song that helped her get her start as both a music-lover and a music-maker. Got a song of your own? Submit it to My Mixtape here.

My Mixtape: "Mushaboom," by Feist

Dec 12, 2019

Joey Sandin is an elementary school teacher living in Hayward. Most music doesn't evoke a strong emotional reaction out of her, but this song from Feist really hit her in the feels. Check out today's addition to My Mixtape to hear what memory popped back into her brain.

My Mixtape: "Symphony 9," by Beethoven

Dec 12, 2019

Joel Ventresca, recent San Francisco mayoral candidate, came into the studio and let us know which music suits him best when he's got a heavy workload. For this week's mixtape we're bringing it back to Beethoven. Time to get contemplative! 

My Mixtape: "Soul Vibrations," by Dorothy Ashby

Dec 9, 2019
Album Art: Afro-Harping

Do you know an artist who doesn't get enough credit? For local writer and editor Mimi Lok, that would be Dorothy Ashby. Check out this week's My Mixtape to hear more from an underrated Detroit jazz musician.

My Mixtape: "This World," by Malvina Reynolds

Dec 5, 2019

Local artist Elisheva Biernoff brings us a favorite childhood tune from a Bay Area musician: Malvina Reynolds. Check out the latest edition of My Mixtape! And if you'd like to submit your own story, learn how here.

My Mixtape: "Ironman," by Black Sabbath

Dec 5, 2019

What was the first song you listened to that really expanded your adolescent mind? For these week's addition to My Mixtape, Paul Robertson takes us on a journey from Boy to Iron-Man.

Want to share your own story? Find out how here.

Sawyer Rose is a local artist who takes a look at the unpaid labor of women in her show Counting the Hours. And as any artist knows, it's not always easy showing up worry-free for your own show. If you need a confidence boost, check out today's addition to My Mixtape and step into your power.

My Mixtape: "Eleanor Rigby," by The Beatles

Nov 15, 2019

Do you have an artist who helped you learn a language? On today's My Mixtape, Michael Mei turns to The Beatles for exactly that.

This edition of My Mixtape is brought to you by KALW's own Audio Academy fellow Julia Goodman. If you've got a song of your own, submit it to us here.

My Mixtape: "Car On A Hill," by Joni Mitchell

Nov 15, 2019

Local singer-songwriter Carly Bond of the band Meernaa shares with us why Joni Mitchell is one of the greats. Got a song of your own? Submit it to My Mixtape here.

DJ Lamont is a local old head who has been spinnin' records for over four decades. He founded Fingersnaps Media Arts, a community-oriented business through which he's taught plenty of people his craft. Check out what one of his all-time favorite jams is, and see if you can keep from dancing.

My Mixtape: "The Anchor Song," by Bjork

Nov 8, 2019

Local comedic monologist Josh Kornbluth brings us a new Bjork song for this week's edition of My Mixtape. Want to get a little spooky sad? Give it a listen!

Find out how to submit your own favorite song here.

My Mixtape: "Adelantando," by Jarabe de Palo

Nov 1, 2019

Carolina De Robertis is a Uruguayan-American author and teacher of creative writing at San Francisco State University. Her addition to My Mixtape is a song that really pumps her up. Got one of your own? Submit it to us here.

David Roach, co-founder and director of the Oakland International Film Festival, gives us a song that brings him back. What songs transport you directly into a special moment of your life? Give us your own addition to My Mixtape here.

My Mixtape: "Black Magic Woman," by Carlos Santana

Oct 24, 2019

Did you ever listen to a song when you were little and think-- I wanna be like that. Maciel Jacques is an East Oakland local and managing director of Central Legal de La Raza. Today she brings us the Carlos Santana song that inspired her as a young girl.

My Mixtape: "Dead Man's Party," by Oingo Boingo

Oct 24, 2019

Crystal Vielula is a local muralist. Check out her work in Clarion Alley and forthcoming outside of Jolene's bar in the Mission. For now, listen in to today's addition to My Mixtape to find out how Oingo Boingo made her cool.

My Mixtape: "Be Still," by Aisea Taimani & Minor Islands

Oct 8, 2019

Born in the Polynesian archipelago Kingdom of Tonga, Aisea Taimani is a multi-instrumentalist and artist with strong ties to the Bay Area. For today's addition to My Mixtape you can experience the "island soul" that represents his heritage and personal story. You can hear the full version of "Be Still" on Spotify. This piece was produced by our own Audio Academy fellow Christopher Egusa.

My Mixtape: "A Great Design," by Black Marble

Oct 8, 2019

What do you feel in the air around you when you listen to your favorite genre of music? Give this cold wave song from Black Marble a listen and see if there's a drop in the temperature. Today's addition to My Mixtape was produced by our own Audio Academy fellow Victor Tence, who interviewed his wife Aileen Buenafe.

My Mixtape: "Any Major Dude," by Steely Dan

Oct 3, 2019

Today's addition to My Mixtape comes from a listener submission. Aynne Valencia, local design director, sent us a story about the importance Steely Dan has had for her family. Check it out and if it inspires you, send us a submission of your own!

My Mixtape: "Sir Duke," by Stevie Wonder

Oct 3, 2019

David Bustamante is the band leader of Dakila, a self-proclaimed Bay Area rocklatinjazzpopfunkapino group who has been around since 1975. Today he brings us an everlasting Stevie Wonder jam that has been a longtime source of inspiration for him.

My Mixtape: "Get Another Plan," by Abstract Truth

Oct 2, 2019

DJ Cecil grew up listening to all kinds of music and became a DJ once he got into college. Today he spins a record that holds much importance to him-- give it a listen and see what Abstract Truth motivates you to do.

My Mixtape: "Central Park West," by John Coltrane

Oct 2, 2019

Ryan Nicole, a world renown artist, actress, athlete, and activist (aka quadruple threat), brings us her special tune from the mighty John Coltrane.

My Mixtape: "The Schuyler Sisters," from Hamilton the Musical

Sep 24, 2019

Brendon Chan is a local actor and performer who has danced his way around San Francisco schools, cruise ships, and national stages for The Bodyguard muscial. Now back in San Francisco, he's officially part of the Broadway show Hamilton.

My Mixtape: "Trans Europe Express," by Kraftwerk

Sep 24, 2019

Theo Aytchan Williams, Oakland-born artistic director of SambaFunk!, has a deep relationship with drumming and dance. So it makes sense that he'd bring us a classic from Kraftwerk, a German band that formed in the 70's and revolutionized music with their "robot-pop" style and technological innovations. If you listen to music, you've probably heard one of their songs being sampled.

My Mixtape: "The Wolf," by Siamés

Sep 13, 2019

Landon Neill graduated from KALW's high school intern program this summer. He took a deep look into a place he calls home, Treasure Island, and dug up some facts you may be surprised to know. Stay tuned for our upcoming youth and media podcast to hear more!

My Mixtape: "We've Only Just Begun," by The Carpenters

Sep 13, 2019

Hannah Ni graduated from KALW's high school intern program this summer. She's a top-notch debater who reported on the gender discrimination women face when entering politics or debate. Stay tuned for our upcoming youth and media podcast to hear more!

My Mixtape: "Superpower," by Beyonce and Frank Ocean

Aug 23, 2019

Chosang Tenzin graduated from KALW's high school intern program this summer. She investigated youth's tendency toward clicktivism, or engaging in activist behavior solely via social media and not out in the world. Stay tuned for our upcoming youth and media podcast to hear more!

So what song might Chosang listen to in order to get pumped up for some real world action? Listen to today's Mixtape to find out.

My Mixtape: "Looking for Love," by Junior Sanchez

Aug 23, 2019

Matthew Policarpio graduated from KALW's high school intern program this summer. He looked into the history of rap music to find out how it got to where it is today and to determine if it was worthy of his ears. Stay tuned for that story in our upcoming youth and media podcast!

Today he brings us a type of music he's sure he loves, and that's house. Listen in to find out why..

"Suicidal Thoughts," by The Notorious B.I.G.

Aug 16, 2019

Isaiah Manuel is part of the Bayview YMCA's podcast and music program. For today's My Mixtape he brings back a classic from Biggie. Listen in to hear how one of the all-time biggest rappers still resonates with today's youth.

Got a song of your own? Write to get your own My Mixtape done!

"Live Your Life," by T.I. Feat. Rihanna

Aug 16, 2019

Jo Givens is a born and raised San Francisco actor, along with teacher and mentor at the Bayview YMCA. He's a confident leader and role model, but it hasn't always been that way! Listen as Jo explains how this 2008 hit has been there to get him out of the rough times.