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My Life, My Stories: Sam Alicia Duke on renouncing Catholicism

Nov 8, 2018
Brittany Bare / My Life, My Stories

“Sam” Alicia Duke was born in Nebraska but moved with her mother, who she refers to by her first name, 'Chris,' and older brother to California in 1942. While her teachers commended her smarts at school, her education was interrupted due to childhood illness.

My Life, My Stories: Jose fled Salvadoran Civil War for stability in San Francisco

Nov 7, 2018

Jose’s story is the second installment of senior oral histories in our My Life, My Stories series. Jose and MLMS founder, Brittany Bare, spent many hours together recording his reminiscences. 

Brittany Bare / My Life, My Stories

Karen Van Dine’s story is one installment of the senior oral histories in our My Life, My Stories series. Karen came to California for personal healing and found herself in San Francisco: a city like no other she had ever experienced. Working as prayer counselor in a healing circle at a gay ministry in the Castro - Karen’s personal and professional relationships were steeped in the love and loss that came out of the tragic circumstances of the AIDS epidemic.

Mary Franklin Harvin / KALW News

According to a study released this spring by San Francisco’s Department of Aging and Adult Services, almost 30% of San Francisco residents will be age 60 or older by 2030. And almost 30% of seniors are living alone.