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Lake County Fire

Photo courtesy Cal_OES (Flickr)

It’s been 18 days since the Valley Fire ignited, and in some places the burning continues. But this week students returned to school, despite, in many cases, having no home to return to.

9/24: What was lost in the Valley Fire

Sep 28, 2015

  • Lake County residents remember the items—and the community—they'll never get back. 
  • Composer Marcus Shelby on using the blues to examine the prison industrial complex.
  • The source of the cowbell in this week's Audiograph revealed. 

  The Valley Fire in Lake County is one for the record books. While there have been larger fires in terms of size -- like the huge one now burning in Fresno County -- the Valley Fire now ranks as the third worst fire in state history, based on total structures burned. And at least four people have died.