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Photographs of Japanese American Internees & Their Families, Then & Now

Dec 4, 2019
Paul Kitagaki

On this edition of Your Call, distinguished photographer and videographer Paul Kitagaki discusses his new book, Behind Barbed Wire: The Search for Japanese Americans Incarcerated During World War II.

Gen Fujitani

Last month in San Francisco, an estimated 30,000 people protested against President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy, which has led to the incarceration and separation of children from their parents.

One particularly vocal group at the protest: Japanese Americans, part of the group Nikkei Resistors. 

Courtesy of Al Bronzini


“This is old Italian neighborhood,” Al Bronzini says. “That’s the house I was raised in, right there.” Al is showing me some of the places that were important to him growing up in East Oakland, almost 80 years ago. “Boy this is different,” he says. “Wow.”

Sandip Roy

In 1962 a group of Indians were shipped off to internment camps during a war with China.