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Forgiving a violent mother

Jul 15, 2019

From the series Uncuffed:

As a child, Francisco Magaña was afraid of his mother. She would beat him, and he’s carried that pain with him for the rest of his life. In this interview, Francisco opens up about his relationship with the woman who raised him.

The science of forgiveness

May 8, 2017


To forgive is not easy. The brain is wired to repeat offending moments over and over again, and our bodies — they’re programmed to react. Still, Fred Luskin, a psychologist and director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project says the effort to overcome anger is worth it. 

(Annie Mulligan /Freelancer)

When Miguel Prats revs the engine of his Harley Davidson, it might sound angry to some — but not to him.

San Quentin Prison Report: A nephew's forgiveness

Sep 21, 2016
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