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On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet series, we're discussing the long-term impacts of air pollution on exposed populations. According to a new Harvard study, people with COVID-19 who live in regions with high levels of air pollution are more likely to die from the disease.

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On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, The Intercept's environment reporter Sharon Lerner discusses her investigation exposing how the plastics industry is fighting to keep polluting the world.

On this edition of Your Call, we speak with three winners of this year’s 20th annual Brower Youth Awards, which recognizes outstanding youth leaders who are making strides in the environmental movement. 

The SF Green Film Festival Focuses On Solutions & Environmental Justice

Sep 24, 2019
SF Green Film Fest

On this edition of Your Call, we’ll discuss this year’s 9th annual San Francisco Green Film Festival. 

California Adaptation Forum

On this edition of Your Call, we continue our weeklong series on the climate crisis by speaking with environmental justice activists.



On this edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with educator and author Dina Gilio-Whitaker about her new book As Long as Grass Grows: The Indigenous Fight for Environmental Justice, from Colonization to Standing Rock.

The environmental costs of prisons

Jun 4, 2018


The cruel and inhumane conditions that many prison inmates live in have been well documented. On this edition of Your Call, we'll discuss environmental factors that can make prison even more difficult, and in some cases, deadly.

We're marking MLK Jr. Day by discussing environmental justice with Mustafa Ali, the former head of the EPA's environmental justice program. Over the past 24 years, he's worked with hundreds of communities of color, low income communities, and indigenous populations.


Every year, the Brower Youth Awards recognizes the work of six young leaders for their accomplishments in the environmental movement.

The new documentary Company Town follows a group of citizens in Crossett, a small town in Arkansas, who are fighting for their lives against Georgia-Pacific, one of the nation’s largest paper mills and chemical plants, owned by the billionaire Koch brothers.


Considering California's cap-and-trade program's local effects

Aug 7, 2017


Not everyone is happy about the state’s new climate change laws.

On the October 14th edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with three of this year’s Brower Youth Award winners. 

Your Call: What are the hidden costs of carbon?

Nov 26, 2014

On the November 26th edition of Your Call, we’ll have conversation with investigative journalist and author Mark Schapiro about his new book, Carbon Shock: A Tale of Risk and Calculus on the Front Lines of the Disrupted Global Economy. He says the economic costs of carbon are often hidden, but we need to understand them in order to act. How are these costs effecting economies and changing our response to climate change? Join us on the next Your Call, with Rose Aguilar.