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I think we can all agree, it’s been a rough spring with COVID-19 taking over our lives.

Philosophy Talk: The Psychology of Cruelty

Sep 18, 2018

Are people cruel to others despite or because of their victims' humanity?

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"A lot of young girls are often taught to sort of stay quiet or to put other people's needs before ourselves... And if we are to speak up or to stand up for ourselves it could be taken as being bossy or the other b word." - Emily Abad, Director of Programs at The Mosaic Project, an experiential education program addressing issues of diversity, empathy, and conflict resolution.

Young men preventing sexual assault

May 5, 2016
Lisa Bartfai


When it comes to crimes like rape and sexual assault, the focus is shifting from prosecution and punishment to prevention. That means finding the cause of the problem and tackling it early on.


Work with Marty Nemko 5/11/14

May 11, 2014

Marty and Barbara Nemko discuss Harvard Business Review's "10 Must-Reads on Leadership."