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Two San Francisco school board members were the target of online harassment after the board’s closely watched decision to change Lowell High School’s admissions system to a lottery.


Disturbing images were posted to Facebook and Twitter showing Gabriela López and Alison Collins, both women of color, with swastikas photoshopped onto their foreheads and a red X across their faces. In a video, you can see bloodstained white gloves holding the images while they burn. 

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This week hair salons and pools were allowed to reopen in San Francisco. Some schools hope they’ll be next.

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A charter school won its lawsuit against the Hayward Unified School District over classroom space amid the pandemic.

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The Oakland REACH is a grassroots group of black and Latino parents with kids in district and charter schools. They’ve been pushing for better quality education, especially around reading.

Schools Out For Spring

Apr 7, 2020
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Several Bay Area school districts announced, Tuesday, that all of their campuses will remain closed though the end of the school year because of the coronavirus crisis.

City Visions: Are We Overmedicating Our Kids?

Feb 16, 2016
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Thirty years ago, it was rare for a kid to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Today, about five million children carry that diagnosis -- and more than two million of them are taking the drugs used to treat its symptoms.

Methylphenidate is a pharmaceutical most commonly-prescribed for ADHD. Its most well known trade name is Ritalin. It’s a psycho-stimulant drug that’s also used to manage obsessive-compulsive disorder, narcolepsy, and depression. But, pediatrician Sandy Newmark thinks it’s over-prescribed.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects 8.4 percent of school-age children in the US. If you have ADHD, you already know what that means. It makes you restless. It makes it hard to focus. It makes it hard to stay focused, hard to pay attention, and hard to control your behavior, even if you want to. In 2010, we brought you a whole show focused on ADHD and its effects. We spoke with four San Francisco teenagers living with ADHD about how they managed from day to day.

Life before and after Ritalin

Jul 22, 2013

Throughout her life, Shannon Heffernan had trouble focusing because of ADHD. When she was 23, she realized she couldn’t live that way any more. So, for the first time, she decided to take Ritalin – a well-known pharmaceutical used to manage ADHD. And she decided to record her experience of how the drug might change her. This is her story.

SHANNON HEFFERNAN: Okay it’s 8:15, I’m running late again, I need to be out the door in ten minutes. Shoot, where’s my toothbrush.

That’s the sound of me getting ready in the morning