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Jeff Hayden Welcomes Mz Shirliz Transitional Inc

Feb 19, 2020

A true story of redemption.  SHIRLEY LAMARR aka Mz-Shirliz https://www.mzshirliz.org/shirley-c1h9j Ms. Shirley went from a life of drugs and crime to become a beacon of light that has saved countless lives.  "A special thank you to three of the GREATEST WOMEN I KNOW! Dr Mimi Silbert; Dr Teri Lynch-Delane; and Ms Carol Kizziah. Without them not only would I not have any of the joy that I have in my life today, ... I would not even know how to!!!" For more on who we are, please visit https://www.mzshirliz.org/who-we-are   Questions foe Jeff's guest? Please call toll-free 866-798-8255. 

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American author Katherine Eban has put Indian pharma on the literary map...

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Drug overdose deaths spiked in San Francisco last year, totaling 259 in 2018. At the same time, drug-related arrests and citations in the Tenderloin and around mid-market decreased. Some residents say open-air drug dealing has gotten worse there. A new task force aims to change that. 

Claire Stremple


San Francisco Mayor London Breed has been an advocate for safe injection sites for illegal drug users since she was first elected. It’s an idea that has been unpopular with the federal government. But earlier this fall, a federal judge ruled that a safe injection site in Philadelphia does not violate federal law.

Made By  Iconic Polish Artist Lech  Majewski
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"..if someone has to smoke brown sugar on aluminum foil, then you need a uniform flame for a uniform smoke."

Folk Music & Beyond: Woodstock 50

Aug 14, 2019

We remember Woodstock on its 50th anniversary this Saturday 3 pm on KALW’s Folk Music & Beyond.  Barry Melton, member of Country Joe & The Fish, shares his remembrances of that weekend—the chaos, the rainstorms, the mud, the huge crowds, and above all, the music that brought Woodstock Nation together. 

Marijuana Law and YOUR Workplace

Aug 7, 2019

Three years after passage of CA Proposition 64, we have marijuana legalization. What does all this mean at work?

"U.S. Life Expectancy Falls as Opioid Deaths Rise" by Clear Sky Treatment Centers, used under CC license, resized and cropped

Host Joseph Pace and guests explore the “Wild West” of California’s drug rehabilitation industry.

Philosophy Talk: Altered States

Mar 1, 2019

Can mind-altering drugs expand our consciousness and provide meaningful insight, or are they nothing more than a route to empty delirium?

On this edition of Your Call, we discuss the new documentary DRUG$.

"Collaborative Courts 101"

Sep 5, 2018

Sharyn Morrow

According to the CDC, three out of four people addicted to heroin started out on a prescription opioid. Host Joseph Pace addresses the perils of opioid use - and abuse - with Dr. Anna Lembke of Stanford University School of Medicine, author of the book Drug Dealer, M.D.

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On this edition of Your Call: Now that marijuana is legal in California, who will benefit? And how will racially biased drug laws change?

City Visions: Curbing the cost of prescription drugs

Dec 17, 2017
"Medicine Cost", by Images Money, used under CC license/ resized and cropped

Host Joseph Pace and guests explore how California is addressing the price of prescription medicines. 

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Bay Area makes progress on adult use permits ... “Campfire pot” could save growers in North Bay fire zone ... Medical guidelines enhanced ... FDA puts CBD distributors on notice ... Ten years of higher ed ... and more.


Fires cause “worst year on record” for cannabis cultivation ... Nevada’s first month adult use sales smash all records ... Nowhere for legal smokers to light up ... and more

Andy Bosselman

In the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, the San Francisco Police Department may be preventing injection drug users from getting clean needles. That could violate the department’s own guidelines — and have deadly consequences.


Vancouver and San Francisco are iconic West Coast cities with many things in common -- including large numbers of people addicted to hard drugs. In recent years, Vancouver has been at the forefront of new approaches to addiction, including safe injection sites. 

On the Aug. 13, 2017 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, HireRight’s chief medical officer Dr. Todd Simo on whether California's legalizing recreational pot will change workplace drug testing, plus controversial issues about drug testing in the workplace.

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Shootout at California grow site ... Cannabis literally takes over town ... Police sniffer dogs invalidated ... NFL will consider cannabis ... and more.

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Marijuana is legal in Uruguay ... San Francisco approves Office of Cannabis ... A.G. Sessions quietly tightens rules ... and more.

Cannabis News Roundup: holiday travel tips

Jun 30, 2017
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San Francisco dispensaries face protests ... Security breach at Eaze ... Nevada cannabis sales start Saturday ... Holiday travel tips ... Micro-dosing, and more.

Cannabis News Roundup: K9 corps still sniffing

Jun 16, 2017
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California considers combined sales of medical and recreation cannabis ... “Marijuana breathalyzer” catches two ... Sniffer dogs still on the beat ...”lazy stoner” image challenged ... and more. 

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Fay Zenoff is committed to changing the way we think about recovery.

State not likely to meet 2018 start date for recreational sales ... Oakland diversity coalition examines industry rules ... Pot drive-thru shut down ... and more.


“No way” will California be ready for recreational pot, says state senator // Fresno Bee

“’Being blunt, there is no way the state of California can meet all of the deadlines before we go live on January 1, 2018,’” said Sen. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg. ‘We are building the regulatory system for a multibillion dollar industry from scratch.’”

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California recreational cannabis laws could stall sales ... New restrictions on CBD ... Santa Rosa extraction firm now legal ... Petitions, Health, and more.

City Visions: How doctors fueled the opioid epidemic

Nov 28, 2016

According to the CDC, three out of four people addicted to heroin started out on a prescription opioid.

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More clarification on Prop. 64 ... Oakland re-examines permits ... No smoking on UC campuses ... Warning for Californians driving to Nevada ... Business, Health, and more.

Your Call: Weapons of Math Destruction

Oct 13, 2016


On the October 13th edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with Cathy O’Neil about her new book Weapons of Math Destruction.