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Disability activist Alice Wong has been recognized by former Pres. Obama, Time magazine and most recently British Vogue. She’s editor of "Disability Visibility," an anthology featuring writers who give their take on living with disabilities today.

What Resources & Support Are Available For People Affected By COVID-19?

Apr 2, 2020
Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle

On this edition of Your Call, we're discussing community efforts and resources to help each other amid the COVID-19 crisis.

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Antoine Hunter is an Oakland-based dancer, choreographer, director, and advocate for the Deaf community — that’s Deaf with a capital D, which refers to Deaf culture. When Antoine was growing up, dance became a lifeline to the world around him.

Nadina LaSpina On Struggle, Empowerment, & Disability Pride

Jan 8, 2020

On this edition of Your Call, disability rights activist Nadina LaSpina discusses her new memoir Such a Pretty Girl: A Story of Struggle, Empowerment, and Disability Pride.

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San Francisco's Proposition B would change the name of the Department of Aging and Adult Services to the Department of Disability and Aging Services.

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On this edition of Your Call, we’ll talk about the state of Social Security and the retirement crisis in the US.

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On this edition of Your Call, writer, artist, and activist Sunaura Taylor discusses her new book, Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation.


Why are BART announcements so hard to understand?

Nov 8, 2017
Andy Bosselman / KALW

When you ride BART, there’s usually a moment where you look up from your phone and wonder: "Where am I?" That’s when announcements are supposed to help.

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Many people with physical disabilities have been told that they can’t do things like hike, camp, rock climb, or bowl. Lori Gray says they can. She runs an outdoor adventure group for Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program, or BORP. It’s an organization with a mission to get people with disabilities involved in sports and recreation.

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Ever wonder what that building is connected to the Ashby BART station in South Berkeley?


Disability rights lawyer Lainey Feingold is known for negotiating landmark accessibility agreements. She pioneered a dispute resolution method called “Structured Negotiations.” Instead of suing companies to be more accessible to the disabled, she talks to them, builds relationships, and brings her disabled clients to the negotiating table. Feingold is the author of  Structured Negotiation: A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits.


  On the October 19th edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with organizers and directors with Superfest, the world’s longest-running disability film festival.

  Employment Law -- Disability-related Discrimination Issues in the Workplace, with Guests: Employment Law attorneys, Jinny Kim, Director of the Disability Rights Program, Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center in San Francisco; and Rose-Ellen Fairgrieve, an  attorney who represents management. Listeners with questions for Chuck & guests, please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255.

The Specialist: Cane Trainer

Aug 3, 2016
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Imagine that one day you lost your sight. Just like that. If you're a person who can see, close your eyes and try to walk to your kitchen, or the bathroom. No cheating! If you're a person who's already blind, or has low vision, you know what this is like. 

  Workers Compensation Laws/Workers' Rights
Guests: Jason Marcus and Justin Sonnicksen, Specialists in Workers Compensation Laws certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization, and Members of the California Applicants Attorneys Association (CAAA). Listeners with questions for Chuck & guests on-the-air, please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255.

  A discussion of laws protecting persons who are disabled. Guests: James Shea, a Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law; Scott Ford, a Certified Specialist in Workers Compensation Law.
Listeners with questions or comments for Chuck & his guests, please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255.

A discussion of major medical and legal issues regarding Alzheimer's Disease; Guests: Alma Soongi Beck, a California Board of Legal Specialization Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law; and Dr. Lael Conway Duncan, the Medical Director of Consulting Services of the Coalition For Compassionate Care of California.
Listeners with questions for Chuck & his guests, please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255.


Somewhere between the Civil Aviation Authority, the airport authority, the airport security and the airline there is a communication gap. And Jeeja Ghosh fell into that gap.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Requirements for Small Businesses.
Guests: Carole Conn, Director of Public Service Programs, San Francisco Bar Assn.; Attorney  Marty Orlick; ADA Compliance Expert Bassam Altwal; and Regina Dick-Endrizzi, Director of Office of Small Business, City of San Francisco.
Listeners with questions for Chuck & his guests, please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255.

Daily news roundup for Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Apr 12, 2016
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 Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, as curated by KALW news:

Yahoo: Why would Daily Mail or anyone else buy net firm? // BBC News

“Recently, there have been more stories about Yahoo shutting bits of its business than celebrating successes.

“The firm's own internet services are now valued to be worth a fraction of its stake in the e-commerce giant Alibaba.”


Social Security Disability Law -- benefits/eligibility/rate of denials.
Guests: James Shea, a Specialist in Social Security Disability Law who is certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy; and Amir Atashi Rang, a Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law who is certified by the California Board of Legal specialization.

StoryCorps: Dancing despite disability

Feb 10, 2016

Twenty eight years ago, Bonnie Lewkowicz got a phone call from someone wanting to know what she thought about the idea of disabled people dancing. That question set her on an improbable odyssey.

StoryCorps: The fight for disability rights

Jul 14, 2015


Protest has long been a part of Bay Area culture, from the recent Black Lives Matter marches to the AIDS activists of the '90s, to the anti-war demonstrators of the '60s and '70s.



Social Security Disability Benefits Laws and Issues. Guest: Robertson Wendt, Jr., a Specialist in Social Security Disability Benefits Laws, Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA), with law law office in North Charleston, South Carolina.
Listeners with questions for Chuck and Robertson Wendt, please call 866-798-8255.

New partnership combats bullying

May 28, 2015
The Arc San Francisco


People with disabilities and LGBT folks are teaming up to fight bullying. There are many similarities in why and how people in different groups are bullied, and how to stand up to and overcome it. Eric Jansen's guests on Out in the Bay (7pm Thursday) are Dr. Glenn Motola, CEO of The Arc San Francisco, a learning center for adults with developmental disabilities in San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties; Lance Scott, The Arc's Socialization Program Director and instructor of The Arc's anti-bullying classes; and Gabby Castro, an Arc client, peer leader and spokesperson for disability rights. The Arc's anti-bullying curriculum was inspired in part by workshops at the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center.

Jeremy Dalmas

It’s Thursday night and Nina G is about to get on stage for a comedy set.

“I'm a little too overwhelmed to be anxious,” she tells me before taking the stage.

Normally she performs in clubs and bars, but tonight she’s at SOMArts - a cultural center in San Francisco. The gallery is crowded with people and with art. A sign language interpreter is on stage signing her whole performance. Nina G introduces herself.

Eleven percent of Bay Area residents live with a disability. That includes developmental disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome. Society makes accommodations for people with these conditions when they're young and in school, like mandated special needs education. But once they’ve aged out, life can become even more challenging. And in the U.S., history has not been kind.

A new film touches on some touchy subjects, sex and disability. But the end result is as light hearted as it is complex. Shonali Bose's new film is "Margarita With a Straw."

Daily news roundup for Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015
Evan Sernoffsky / SF Chronicle

Here's what's happening in the Bay Area, curated by KALW news:

Firefighters contain 6-alarm wildfire in Pacifica // SF Gate

“An unusual midwinter wildfire chased dozens of Pacifica residents from their homes early Monday before firefighters were able to contain the six-alarm blaze.