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Dark Money

By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

In 2017, Federal Elections Committee chair Ann Ravel resigned saying: “The mission of the FEC is essential to ensuring a fair electoral process. Yet, since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, our political campaigns have been awash in unlimited, often dark, money.”

On the June 22nd edition of Your Call, Salon’s Editor in Chief David Daley discusses his new book, Rat F**ked, The True Story Behind The Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy.

Your Call: Big money in politics

Jun 3, 2016
Stephen Melkisethian / Used Under CC / flickr


On the June 3rd edition of Your Call, it’s our media roundtable. How is campaign financing affecting the elections?


On the May 30th edition of Your Call, we'll revisit our conversation with Jane Mayer about her new book Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right