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Today: The Golden State Warriors last series in Oakland starts tonight! We’re taking a behind-the-scenes look at the team by heading to the barbershop. A new episode of Bounce: The Warriors’ Last Season in Oakland. And, Armistead Maupin’s 'Tales of the City' is coming to Netflix. This time, instead of being set in the 1970s, it takes place in present-day San Francisco.

Tell Them, I Am

Jun 4, 2019

Today is Eid al-Fitr — celebrating the end of Ramadan.

For the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims, it’s a major holiday marking the end of a holy month when people fast every day from sunrise to sunset. Folks today are celebrating in different ways — prayer services, giving to charities, then dressing up, getting together with family and friends, baking, cooking. And, we’re celebrating by showcasing a podcast from our friends at KPCC. It’s called “Tell Them, I Am.” It’s about the small moments that define who we are and who we are not. The stories are universal. The voices are all Muslim. Including the host, Misha Euceph.

Coming up, we’re looking to the future of sex ed, and, of course, it involves tech. Then, a local Filipinx artist on how the trauma of colonization drove her to connect with indigenous traditions. And, for this week’s Audiograph, we're going somewhere that’s unusually quiet.

Today: California has been leading the way in health education — but it wasn't always this progressive. Then, the Golden State Warriors head to their fifth NBA Finals in a row tomorrow night. We’ll see how the team is getting ready.

Christine Nguyen / KALW

Many people don’t recognize dementia, and not recognizing it can lead to death. Most caregivers are unprepared to manage dementia in their own family. And, for many ethnic minorities, such as Vietnamese, there is little support.

First up, get deep in a water battle on the Monterey Peninsula. Then, a photographer tells the stories of queer and trans Asian Americans, one snapshot at a time. And, explore legends of San Francisco from a 922-foot peak.

BOUNCE: Homegrown Warriors / Poetry-inspired murals

May 22, 2019

First, from our original podcast Bounce, as the Golden State Warriors go into their fifth straight NBA Finals we meet a homegrown player who made it big with the team. Then, hear from the woman behind some of the Bay Area’s most iconic murals.

Workers on one of the largest fruit farms in the country voted to leave the United Farm Workers union, but the union claims there was meddling in the election Then, the history behind United Farm Workers — the rise of the union that was founded by Cesar Chavez, and its fall. 

The Stoop: What's In Your Blood?

May 20, 2019
Neema Iyer / The Stoop

Thin nose, high cheekbones, kinky hair, what you got in your blood? Your blood won’t lie, but does it determine your identity?

First up, how the Warriors are planning on retaining some of the flavor of Oakland when they move to San Francisco next year. Then, we talk about 'authentic' food with the San Francisco Chronicle’s restaurant critic, Soleil Ho.

First up, after a 6-year old and his mother were killed in a hit-and-run, East Oakland residents demand a traffic light. Then, Oakland poet James Cagney on using the pen to get through the loss in his life. And, who’s that ancient king keeping watch over the San Francisco Public Library?

First up, what happens when a wild turkey lands on a prison yard. Then, what it’s like to be stuck in a prison cell for nearly a year — a firsthand perspective on lockdown. We’re putting the focus on the prison system, and speaking with a returned citizen who used to report for San Quentin Radio. 


First up, a new program is addresses behavior issues early so students don’t wind up with a special ed designation. Then, two teachers pay tribute to their former students who lived, and died, in Jonestown. And, an Audiograph takes us to the outer edges of the Bay Area.

First up, a new episode of our podcast BOUNCE: the Warriors’ Last Season in Oakland. We’ll visit the businesses around Oracle Arena to see how the team’s move will affect them. Then, we’ll meet another local basketball team that competes in a different sort of arena. The San Quentin and Golden State Warriors.

First up, we’ll hear an update about how Oakland’s cannabis equity program is playing out. Then, a celebrated deafblind lawyer from Oakland fights popular assumptions about disability.

Coming up, how did the Bay Area get the worst roads in the country? Then, we dive into the vaccination debate. And, a prisoner is brought back to life, by a guard who was once his nemesis.

First up, a non-profit in the Mission helps low-income families by digging into real estate. Then, this weekend is the Bay Area Book Festival and we meet the woman who walked away from her day job to start it. And, we’ll go back in time — to when radio first got its start.

First up, is it time for charter school reform? Then, the Warriors are rolling through the playoffs, now. But they’re leaving Oakland after the season. How will the move impact their most emotionally invested fans? 

Coming up, your gas bill may be going up next year — we’ll get an update on PG&E and wildfires. Then, we go to the West Coast's biggest gun show in Daly City, for what might be the last time. And, we’ll meet an author whose debut memoir has him confronting cross-generational family trauma.

On today's show: Why Facebook wants to help build a train across the Bay. Then, a new exhibit showcases the righteous rage of feminist art. And, we’ll hear how one man in prison turned his life around by pulling strings. Literally.

On today's show: San Francisco approves a plan to build its largest homeless navigation center on the Embarcadero waterfront against vehement neighborhood opposition. Then, Theatre of Yugen brings modern and ancient traditions to Japanese performance. And, we’ll hear one of San Francisco’s signature sounds — with a little amplification.

BOUNCE: From wilderness to superteam

Apr 24, 2019

From KALW's new podcast Bounce, it's the story of half-a-century of the trials and tribulations of the Golden State Warrior through the eyes of a longtime fan.

Inside the hunt for a wildfire arsonist

Apr 23, 2019
Courtesy of Alan Carlson

Hundreds of California’s wildfires are set on purpose, and the arsonists who start them are rarely caught. This is how CAL Fire caught one of them.

Coming up, an explosion of flowers! We’re digging into the recent “super bloom” craze. Then, a replica of the City from the 1930s comes out of hiding. And, we’re saying goodbye to a Mission icon after 90 years.

On today's show: Meet the people always trying to get your attention on your way to and from Warriors games. It's a look at the underground economy in episode two of our new series, Bounce: The Warriors Last Season in Oakland. Then, event curator Michael Orange tells us how storytelling can help build community.

LGBTQ refugees make new homes in San Francisco

Apr 16, 2019

On today's show: We hear how a gay, Syrian refugee made his way to the Bay Area. Then, a new film shares his story and other LGBTQ refugees struggling to make new homes in San Francisco. "Unsettled" at the San Francisco Film Festival.

Today's show: Why some kids do better in school inside juvenile hall. Then, it’s tax day, and today we’re finding out how filing works in another country. And, a prisoner has an unconventional idea for stopping crime.


Today's show: Why the crackdown on trafficking online has sex workers feeling unsafe, and silenced. Then, San Francisco’s Alonzo King LINES Ballet and the all-star composer who’s laying down the score for their steps.