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The Stoop: Breaking the line

Aug 9, 2018
Courtesy of The Stoop

When a ballet teacher told co-host Leila Day that her back should be straight on the ground, no light shining through, and Leila couldn't make it happen, her dreams to be a ballet dancer disappeared. The world of classical ballet is extremely difficult to break into, and for those who have darker skin, there's a lot that comes with it, especially when you're "the only". This episode looks at breaking the line.

What has happened in the Bay Area is the past decade? Crosscurrents host Hana Baba and news director Ben Trefny look back at the historic moments that have shaped our coverage and share clips from the award-winning journalism that came out of it.

8/1: The Stoop: African writers' dilemma

Aug 1, 2018

Who gets to choose which African stories get told? In this special episode from The Stoop, we meet three writers, each of them pushing against a mostly white US and UK-based publishing industry in their own way. 

6/25: Navigating the threat of deportation

Jun 25, 2018